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            There are very many different types of series and comedies in the contemporary movie world. The movies are acted with the intent of landing a particular set of targets. Some of them are for people of the younger generation that have different implications. As for the generation, it is usually after movies that are interesting and funny. The analysis in this study is in one of the celebrated series in the industry known as ‘House.’

The targeted audience of this show is not necessarily given. However, the producers mostly refer to it as for mostly teenagers. This is also due to the fact that the program has some comedy aspect as it goes around its general drama theme. Another reason as to why the program is targeted to the young adults is due to the content that it bears.

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‘House’ is a program that mainly entails the actions of one Dr. House, who is a medical practitioner in one of the major hospitals in a suburban town. The drama that goes around the operations in the hospital is very captivating, leaving one at the edge of his seat. Dr. House has very many theories and suggestions as to solve the problems of many of the hospital’s patients.

            The program is necessary for teenagers in the medicine field as they are given insight on how to solve some of the medical issues. It is also important for any ordinary teenagers who are left in the care of their old folks or younger siblings to acquaint themselves with basic first aid knowledge. Advertisers use this program to advertise several of their products through it. Many business people use it to make the market of their products known such as certain:

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Syringe makers

            Syringe makers take this chance to advertise their products, which mainly constitute the full kit of a medical practitioner. The commercials are is in synch with the program, since the setting is in a hospital where all the drama takes place and assumes the medical platform. Almost all the activities undertaken in the hospital revolve dispensing of medicine mainly with the use of syringe  

Glove and medical protective clothing

            Protective clothing and gloves are essential requirement for a medical student and any other individual may be aspiring to be a student. The commercials fully utilize this chance by ensuring that each character is in protective attire. The protective commercials are in synch with the program.

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Basic lab apparatus

            These commercials comprise of minor but very essential and expensive laboratory apparatus used in experiments. Medical students of “house” train with these basic apparatus, which according to the professor must be refined in undertaking each action efficiently. Hence, making the commercials being in synch with the program since they have clear connection with the movie.    

Cleaning detergents

            These mostly find their way in the cleaning and washing sector though they do not make many appearances in the product. The commercial is not in synch with the program since it is a general product, despite having a special place in the hospital.

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The commercials are not in synch with the audience but are in synch with the show. This is because the program mostly attracts teenagers, who watch the aired account. Teenagers in society are not very responsible and still depend on their parents for most of the things that they require in life. It is due to this that we find that the audience, teenagers, may not be financially stable. Hence, they may not manage to purchase the products that are up for sale through the commercials.

Despite the fact that the commercials are not in sync with the audience, there are those that may relate well and buy the commodities. These are the audience from well off families with parents, who understand the whole concept. The commercials involving the various hospital materials were aired in the program with the hope of capturing the attention of the target audience. The advertisers did this intentionally knowing that the people who watch the show are from the medic profession.

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