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A Personal Reflection

The study of philosophy encompasses a broad spectrum that assists an individual to be able to acquire a wide understanding of life and reality in general. The branches of the discipline comprised of logic, epistemology, ethics and metaphysics assist the individual to have a comprehensive outlook of the nature and the reality. When combined together, the individual is able to understand himself/herself, acquire the right attitudes, behaviors, thinking and the view of metaphysical reality, for example, reality about God.

With regards to the study of logic, he/she is able to understand the right and the wrong modes of reasoning. He/she is able to escape fallacious arguments that usually bring distortion in the quest for seeking knowledge. According to this branch, the individual can detect any deviation from the right ways of thinking. They can apply simple logic to analyze the right and wrong argument. (Berlin, 2010) For instance, the use of the tenets of the fallacious arguments can help one to be able to connect the truth or falsity of an argument. One premise must have a logical connection with the next for it to be valid. For example, it can be said that God is good. If it is known that a pastor is the child of God, it might be invalid to conclude that the pastor is also good. This will contradict the principles of syllogism.

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From another perspective, it can be understood from the study of philosophical branches that an individual should not limit the capability of their mind. The study of Plato’s work can greatly revolutionize an individual’s thinking. The study on the allegory of the cave is a requisite to rational thinking. According to him, the human mind has endless potential of venturing into the infinite world of diverse possibilities. This means that peoples’ thinking should not be limited by their believes, culture or any other environment they are in. They should think more than their eyes can see (Kunzmann, 2001).

When people claim to have knowledge, then there should be standardized principles that guide them to affirm the truth of the knowledge. This is the stock of thread of epistemology. The claim of knowledge must be justifiable. For example, there must be a reason why an individual must claim that one object is and not another. This is normally guided by the fundamental principles of knowledge (axioms of knowledge). One of the pivotal principles states that one thing cannot be and not be at the same time in the same respect. With respect to the metaphysical knowledge, the curiosity of the mind is satisfied through providing it with temporary knowledge. The knowledge about God is not empirical in nature. However, an analogy can help to justify the existence and nature of God. If a complex watch is made by human hands, then the one who created the human beings must be all knowing. This is based on a philosophical fact that nothing exists from nothing (ex-nihilo). The study of Morality from the philosophical point of view will help individuals to create stability in the society. Thomas Hobbes perceives the best morality as the one derived from the social contract. (Hobbes,1985).

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In a nutshell, the view of nature and reality is revolutionized through the study of the diverse philosophical entities. Epistemology studies knowledge scientifically. Logic eliminates diversion of the truth. Ethics assists one with the fundamental code of ethics to follow when undertaking daily activities and interaction with other people. Metaphysics allows us to understand issues beyond the physical realities. The combination of all these entities produces a holistic understanding of life and reality about nature.

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