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My Favorite Relative

It is commonly said that you can choose a friend, but you can never choose a relative. Relatives are very special and valuable people in anyone’s life. This is because they play an important role in shaping the kind of person you will be in the future. Relatives are always there for you no matter what the problem or challenge may be. They cry with you when you are sad and laugh with you when you are happy. They teach you, encourage you and inspire you for as long as you live. I love all my relatives. I wouldn’t trade them for this world, but if I had to choose just one relative from the many I have, I would most definitely choose my mother! My mother is my favorite relative.

My mother is a rather short woman with very beautiful blond hair and big brown eyes. She always wears a broad smile on her face and loves to talk a lot. It is very rare to find her quiet. Even when she is alone, she would always be humming a song to herself. My mother is not just a lovely person on the outside. She is also lovely on the inside. This is because she is very a responsible and selfless person. Born on January 18, 1954 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico; my mother was the only girl in her family. As such, she had so many duties and responsibilities in the house that she did not actually have enough time to enjoy her childhood.

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However, this was always fine by her because it was in her nature to put others before her. Having many responsibilities also helped my mother to be to be independent ever since she was little. Though she loved us, my mother was quite tough on me and my brothers while we were growing. She was particularly very hard on me. As a result, my relationship with her wasn’t really one of the best. We often fought, argued and basically differed on almost everything. Looking at us, you would not believe that we were a mother and her daughter! To me, my mother was the problem. I just couldn’t understand the reason for her behavior. I felt that maybe I was a disappointment to her.

However, when I turned twenty I became a mother myself and that’s when I started seeing things differently. I started appreciating that my mother was simply trying to be the best mother she could be. She wanted me and my brothers to grow to be independent and responsible, just like her. She wanted to develop in us an attitude of never giving up so that we are well equipped to face the challenges of life that lay ahead. And now, thanks to my mother; I can bring up my own children with the same love and concern that she had for me. I am not afraid of being tough on them when I have to, because I know it is for their own good. Although they may not understand or even agree with everything I am doing right now, I believe they will one day give me a warm hug and thank me for everything I did for them. As someone once said, young girls often think their mothers are wrong. By the time they realize their mothers were right, they themselves will be having kids who will be thinking their mothers are wrong!”

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In conclusion, I find it interesting that the one person I thought was the most unfair to me turned out to be my number one teacher, mentor, heroine and most of all, favorite relative.

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