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Inspiring Role Model

Life is full ofinspirationand role models. The event in each person’s life is aninspirationfrom someone or something. The challenges to self actualize andrealizepersonal dreams are acontinuousprocess which requires theguidanceof role models. The manifestation ofprominenceinpeopleis a result of counseling and guidance by the right person. Everydaythere is an inspiring story and every persondiscoverstheincentiveto do their best from somewhere. Myinspirationis derivedfrom my uncle, my mother’s brother.

My uncle is a business marvel. His business empire extends to over three hundred super stores. His responsibility as the National Senior Business Director in Wal-Mart China gives him oversight over a significant business giant. His contributions to the world economy and wealth are exemplary and commendable. His ability to face and overcome challenges in his routine work serves as a motivation and an eye opener.

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My visits to China are solely to observe and learn from him. His ambitions, beliefs and ideologies, are factors which define him as a remarkable businessman and leader. His ideas and observations on business practices aim at the realization of a globalized market. He reiterated on the importance of establishing businesses in markets all over the world where people purchase from one corner of the world to the other corner. His belief in technological innovation to promote globalization has seen him run an efficient and profitable business. The concept of free trade and international investment; where an individual is free to conduct business and invest in any part of the country without mindless barriers appeals to him significantly.

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The scarcity of human resources has led to the need of technological innovation in many industries. My uncle believes that numerous tasks and procedures that require heavy investment in human resources can be eliminated by employing technology. The replacement of humans by machines in areas of application where the working environment and condition are potentially harmful remains critical. Though, technology may be taking over human functions in many industries he believes that this can lead to positive results. The international market has a lot to offer; therefore, trade developments and relationships should be encouraged.

My uncle’s ideologies in free trade, international finance and creation of a global village were tremendously inspiring. My utter fascination and interest in his ideas motivated my desire to gain a firsthand experience of his world. In the summer of 2009, I sought his recommendation to work as an intern at Wal-Mart China for a period of three weeks. My experience was a critical eye opener. The motivation and inspiration derived from my experience led to my belief that globalization and international trade can be realized. The realization that many US companies based in China lacked employees with an American education background. The employees hired by these companies are recruited locally.

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Though, the US companies based in China recruit locally; therefore, creating job opportunities there remains a need for a US trained and bilingual person to take charge of operations. The existence of a language barrier creates difficulties in essential communication, which may result, to significant problems. It is my opinion that being educated in the United States of America; I could easily fit into these companies since I have fluent command of both English and Chinese. My exceptional position gives me a chance to exercise my knowledge and expertise.

My uncle’s beliefs and practices serve as a benchmark that my performance and progress are measured. It is difficult to be successful in a world filled with challenges and hostilities. Yet my uncle believes with globalization and international trade the world will become a unified business community rather than competing factions over the world’s resources.

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