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My Dog

My dog is a black German shepherd dog from a very good breed. He has been my friend ever since he was 2 weeks old; he is now 7 years old. We have been fond of each other and I consider him to be part of my family. I named him Glock, a name similar to a type of a pistol due to his confident personality. He is a very strong dog, with a solid bone structure. Glock has a head that is very proportional to his great body; he possesses a well rounded forehead.

He has very strong teeth which he uses to tear meat when feeding, when he holds into something using his teeth it is very hard to let go. He posses wide years at on their base and they are facing upwards and upright and are facing forward. I love the way he turns his ears in care he hears of sound in a different direction from where his ears were facing. When he was still very young his ears were not upright as they were dropping but as he has been growing they have become upright. He has dark eyes which are very alert at all times. He has a very long and bushy tail that is always up and wagging when he is excited unless he is frightened and scared that is when it goes between the legs. When he is resting, the tails is always hanging down. He has very strong front leg and hid legs that are very fast.

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Glock loves activities that will be strenuous to him; this he enjoys more if it has elements of training in the activity. He is a very intelligent dog and thus also loves activities that will provide some form of challenge to him. He loves when we go out for a walk, especially when am jogging in the morning or as I cycle and he follows me or runs alongside the bicycle. He loves playing soccer, swimming and playing fetch he is very fact and accurate. When we have walks in the park and play he returns home very tired but it helps him to get fit, have some fun, give him some sense of purpose and also assist him in his migration instincts. One time I was very busy and I failed to exercise him and he was in door all days and he became very restless.

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He has a lot of hair in his body that soft and smooth, to ensure he is clean and I brush his hair every day. I only clean him with water when it is necessary as I was informed by a dog expert that cleaning him every day is not healthy for his skin as it leads to irritation of his skin due to depletion of oils. He is a very heavy shedder of hair thus brushing assists in the shedding of this hair and enables him to grow more healthy hair and he can look handsome at all time.

Glock is my faithful best friend; he has stood by me in good and in bad times and never judged me at any time. He is always full of life unless he is not feeling okay. He is not like other friends who to please is very difficult; the only thing he requests from me is some food and time for us to play together. He is the most intelligent dog I have ever known, he can find out when am down and he comes forward to console me and to make me forget of my troubles. I am currently far from him and every day I miss him for he is a very big part of my life.

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