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Criticizing Marriage

Marriage is a common practice in various societies. It is viewed as a source of happiness, blessings with children, cure to immorality, reason to be organized, source of investment and a cornerstone to love sustaining acts. Conversely, there are many cons of marriages. Current paper explores my reasons for not marrying.

My first reason for not marrying considers the fact that marriage contracts the bonds to relative, friends and neighbors. Many people on getting married concentrate more on their family. Consequently, they compromise the relationships they had with their relatives, friends and neighbors. Own family needs an undivided attention, which is a good enough reason for the compromised relationships. I would not like to put my social views at a stake in the name of satisfying my own family.

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Marriage as well creates some division in the couple. When married, women usually have exclusive roles in the house. Their freedom is, therefore, compromised. Husbands would love to have their wives to be submissive to them. Wives, on the other hand, would always think that their submissive nature is taken advantage of due to disagreements that pop up. The two in the marriage, thus, tend to think that their rights have been violated.

The economic aspect of marriage is also a subject of matter. On marrying, I could possibly introduce more spending to my income. As a single person, I can comfortably satisfy myself, be bothered few individuals and invest heavily. In contrast, marriage will make me a spendthrift as I aspire to satisfy more dependants in my life.

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Most marriages start in heaven and end in hell. The initial stages of marriages are lovely, but after some good time, they may turn hectic. A lot will be demanded from me as the family size increases that will lead to stress, which, in turn, has its consequences. Suicide, ill-health, cancer and slow wound healing would then follow.

Many marriages are of individuals who pursue their selfish needs. Many people get married in order to gain access to the partner’s wealth. The aftermaths include murder, divorce and alienation of the children.

Once in a marriage, a couple enters into a contract. It is painful when in the marriage ends, and quarrels and selfish ambitions are introduced into the marriage. It is a result of one or both parties’ in the marriage perception of marriage as an intrusion into the personal freedom.

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Most of those who get into marriage deceive themselves that they have bumped into someone, who will be with them for the rest of their lives. However, I think that disagreements in marriage are not different from the experience with our girlfriends or boyfriends. The advantage of your girlfriend or boyfriend is that you can drop the relationship at no cost.

Based on my arguments, I am not for marriage and I give bachelorhood a priority.

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