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My Fifteen

If I were famous, I would rather choose to be known for bringing respect, patience and understanding to patients who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. Within fifteen minutes of fame, I want to change the way doctors treat children with this disease, and their parents likewise, by bringing awareness to the whole community, particularly to the medical community, regarding the real situation and the real medication these children needed. Parents of these children actually know more about their children’s sickness because they live with it every single day compared to doctors who learn the disease from the book. Doctors therefore should work with the parents rather than disagreeing with them. My son and I were victims of this circumstance also therefore I want to change the way patients are treated.

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Moreover, children with this condition need to be understood, to be loved, to be respected, and to be cared for. Though they do not appear normal and do not behave like normal people do, they have the same feelings as everybody else. They feel hurt and they know if a person loves them or even cares for them. In spite of the fact that they cannot communicate well, they want to interact with the world. And only people who are patient enough to deal with this problem can do this for them, therefore, I would rather be known, even for just fifteen minutes, for being remarkably patient and understanding in dealing with people who are diagnosed with ASD.

This kind of people hold a large part in my heart because my son is in the same situation. I know well what they are going through and I can feel the difficulty, they have to overcome. These people are victims of chance and if only they could choose what they have to be, they would not choose to live such life. They do not have an intention to cause problems to anyone and, moreover, to themselves. If they could find a way out, they would not choose to remain in this situation. But they are trapped and only close people around them can make them feel important, loved, and welcomed. People can do this, if they are patient and understanding, although, they portray disturbing attitudes. Doctors, more than any other, should understand this. I can say that those who cannot understand people with ASD are not better because they are healthy yet acting abnormally inhumane.

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Only few people in the present are virtuous enough to be patient, understanding and respectful toward people with ASD. Therefore, I would choose to be famous for being one of these few. At the beginning of my fifteen minutes I would tell the people all over the world about written above, tell them how important this act would be and create awareness and encouragement for people to do the same.

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