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From Mirror of Dreams to Windows of Opportunity

I believe on what Sydney J. Harris said that the purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. I believe that education can turn the dreams of the young individuals into opportunities in becoming them true and realized. I believe that through education, our lives will change for the better.

I remember a story of a friend in the Philippines; his name is Michael Dodongan. Growing up in a province of a third world country is a big difference if we compare how a young fellow grew in urban areas. Poverty is an everyday view. It is in everyday’s breakfast, lunch and dinner, if his family can afford the three meals a day. If meal is a struggle, so do education is.

In order to finish high school, Michael needed to spend times in selling foods. In a third world country, selling foods on street is a usual business. Others “walk” with food containers on hand and shouting to attract buyers. Early in the morning, he has to sell foods to earn his allowance and tuition fee. There were points in his life that he has to eat once or twice a day either to cut household expenses or there’s no money to buy food.

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For young Michael, he dreamt to escape from this picture of poverty. He dreamt of becoming a college instructor. When he look into the mirror he always say that someday her will be what he wants him to be. After finishing high school as class valedictorian, he was awarded a scholarship in a public university where he took up Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Mathematics. After four years of labor he graduated cum laude and second in his batch.

From then on, Michael started to realize his dreams and turn the mirrors of dreams into realities. He passed the licensure examination for teachers. Now he is graduating from his Masters and a current senior college instructor in one of the big universities in southern Philippines.

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Michael is on his way to his dreams. He is on his way in unlocking the windows of opportunities for him and for his career. He is on his way to life he chooses to live, the life of a successful one.

We dream of things. We dream of becoming someone we want to be. We stay longer than we should facing the mirror of desire and visualize our selves five years from now or so. And the mirror of desires and dreams will turn into windows of opportunity where we are given a chance to live the life we want to live in.

We dream and then we act. One of our actions towards our dream is right education, a high quality education. It is our right. It is our freedom. It is our gateway in turning the mirrors of dreams into windows of opportunities. When you finish your education with flying colors or even with an honor, job opportunities will run after you. Companies will treasure you. Companies will hold you as important as a gem. I believe that education can change lives by paving the way towards opportunities and success. I believe that education opens lot of chances for us to choose from.

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Education opens door for new life, a life full of opportunities, a life full of hope. Through proper education the oppressed will be freed, the poor will become rich. It is through proper education that we are equipped with skills needed so that when opportunities come we are prepared for it and we are more than qualified to take it.

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