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The Night that I Met Cleopatra

Step aside Mark Anthony; I spent the night with the amazingly beautiful Cleopatra. As she walked through the door, I immediately saw the intensity that was about to enter my very core. From that moment, she looked into my eyes; I was mesmerized by her stare. I fell in love with her the moment she laid eyes on me. What left me even more stunned was when she passed me by, as her intoxicating scent immediately hypnotized my senses away.

Time slowed down when she walked toward me as my heart skipped a beat. We danced the night away and we danced like there was no tomorrow. We were lost in time as the whole world watched us dance. Her smile electrified the crowd, as the people were looking at us center stage. How I wish we could stay this way forever.

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When the dance was over, we stood by the Fountain of Wishes Come True; there she was, dressed like the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite in human form. I asked her, will this moment last forever? She gave me an indefinite answer, with a light grin on her face. At that moment, I knew I had to make the most out of everything as I felt my whole world crumbling down to pieces.

It felt like a million needles pierced my whole body when she let go of my hand and turned away. My heart bled as she disappeared through the crowd she came in from. I can still feel the electricity of her presence, though I know, this will never happen twice in a lifetime. Now I am alone, just like another blade of grass that won’t ever grow. I will never be able to love the same way again.

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