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Meaning of Life

Even though most people could be merely living, not many know the meaning and purpose of their life. So, what meaning is there in life? Philosophers have endeavored to define the meaning of life for ages and many have come up with different definitions. Additionally, there have been many other implied definitions of the meaning of life through works of literature as will be highlighted in this essay. Having a meaning in life applies to any person and it concerns everything that we do every time as we live. This begins from the simple things that people do up to the choice of career that people make. I believe that having a meaning in life is leading a life of impact. Meaning of life is very personal and specific to an individual. Therefore, every person must make a commitment to search for the meaning of life in all that they do. Everything that we do and achieve will pass away at some point and therefore it will only be our life left and what will matter after all has been said and done. Therefore, what is the meaning of life?

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Many people create their own lifestyle founded on a balance on what is accepted socially and what will bring happiness to them. However, we may wonder whether the social part of such a balance is what we should indeed focus on. This is also a challenge for me as a 19-year old girl under the care of my family. In the book, “American Beauty”, the effort of the protagonist in search of this balance has ended up in a depression epidemic. Lester Burnham is indeed very unsatisfied with life. There is a lot of failure in his job and marriage. His wife has ended up being too materialistic, uptight and self-absorbed. Again, he has completely lost touch with her daughter who is only sixteen years old (Ball, 153pp). Despite the search for being socially balanced, this family has lost meaning of life. There is no happiness at all and the reader wants to empathize with them.

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In another book, “Dante the inferno”, there is also a concerned effort in search of the meaning of life. ‘Inferno’ is a story of redemption from sin that demonstrates the way of advancing to eternal life through the keeping of faith and doing the right things while in the face of earth (Alighieri, pp. 3-305). Very few people incline to the ideas put forward by Dante but in essence, there seems to be meaning of life in this. Having a meaning in life can be realized by taking some time to reflect on life and make necessary changes to better ourselves. Life needs to be controlled and directed in some moral way and the meaning of life should be sought in such a manner. Dante says that the hell experience is a prerequisite to landing in heaven although not in a literal manner. The meaning of life is seen in an individual who remains focused despite the odds. This is a purpose driven life which in the end will have meaning. Therefore, discipline brings meaning in life in spite of the many ups and downs that are experienced in it.

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In the same manner, “The stranger” is a book that reveals the concept of having a meaning of life. The main character in this book, Meursault does not take his life seriously. He takes everything for granted and does not seem to enjoy life. A life that we are not proud of and that has no direction has no meaning. Meursault does not have any focus and he is satisfied with the normal things that take place in his life. There is no excitement that is actually seen in his life. The meaning of life does not just come by standing and staring at it alone. Every person living must search for the meaning of life and pursue that. Sadly, Meursault does not have concern for anything even when his mother passes on. However, when Meursault’s freedom goes away, he starts to have a different perception of things. He feels ready to start living again. He says that he felt as if the blind rage had made him clean, depriving him his hope and for the first time during that time, the night was alive with stars and signs for him (Camus, 122). Unlike for Meursault, there is much to accomplish to have a meaning of life instead of taking everything for granted. Therefore, meaning of life is having a sense and direction in every activity that we do in our daily lives.

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