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Life on the Moon

Houston, mind your own problems! I loved my trip to the moon and I wanted to stay there. I built a castle made of moon rocks and made myself comfortable by sleeping on air since gravity is not in the moon’s vocabulary. I made a swimming pool out of a crater and went for daily swims. My monthly grocery trips back to Earth were necessary since I needed some food up there. I brought some of my friends with me for company and they loved it there too.

I didn’t have to worry about money since there is no currency up on the moon. Though I would want to make it a business for everyone to come and visit my moon rock castle so I can earn money for grocery and back-to-earth trips. I let the whole world go on below me while I enjoyed revolving around our beloved planet.

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I didn’t have to wait around at night for meteors or comets to pass since I can see the whole activity from there. I was very careful when I took a tour and discovered the mysteries on the dark side of the moon. The adventure and excitement started from the unknown and the climax was the discovery. I made National Geographic jealous by uncovering the moon’s space creatures and showed them the different species I have uncovered.

My life on the moon was a big adventure story waiting to be told. But sadly, I had to go back to Earth since there is a saying that goes “There is no place like home.” My journey was rather short, but it was so much fun that light years from now, my moon rock castle would be a place to visit on the moon.

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