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One Weekend in Paris

Love is in the air. Finally, I get to spend my weekend at the most romantic place in the world—Paris! My fascination for music brought me to Montmartre where the greatest artists hail. There I got to see the famous Moulin Rouge. Too bad I didn’t get to dine in and watch the show, as it was very expensive and of course you need to make a reservation to be able to get in.

I passed by Places des Abbesses where the sidewalk cafes can be found and I’d have to say, the food is very nostalgic. Their food is the perfect description of simplicity with class. I got to visit Le Moulin de la Galette, the place that was made famous by my favorite artist Vincent Van Gogh. Speaking of artists, I got to visit Place du Tertre and had a portrait of myself made by one of the painters there.

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I would want to live in Paris. The people there are just so accommodating to their guests. In France, it doesn’t matter what religion or ethnicity you come from. It is known that Paris has people from different cultures and other countries and that’s what makes this place so special. Paris is also famous in the fashion industry. Some visit Paris for the view, and some for art. Many designers go to Paris to study Fashion and make a name for themselves. In movies, Paris is the place for meeting random people and fall in love. For me, Paris is the place to be when you have appreciation for beauty and passion. For the people here are very passionate with their craft. Whether its art, music, food or fashion, the people of Paris invented perfection at it’s best.

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