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Graduate School Admissions Personal Statement

In the past, I have played different leadership roles, especially during and even after my college days. To begin with, I was appointed Vice President of the Foreigners’ Union during my first year in college. Having studied in a foreign country where the natives did not seem to get along with the strangers, my standing was problematic. The greatest challenge was to bring awareness to the native people, especially my fellow students, about our identity and dignity. The main approach to this was through seminars. Sometimes, the union would face opposition. Such situations would need courage and determination.

After my days in college, I headed a youth organization in my home area. With many projects to see through, I employed a variety of leadership skills. Initially, I ensured that the organization had a vision and mission, and developed a strategy of how to achieve them. Since the roles included advocating the organization’s policies, decision-making, planning, and proper communication skills were very necessary. Moreover, I encouraged commitment and teamwork among the members.

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Keeping in mind the modern competitive market, I have set to pursue further studies. My immediate aim is to complete an MBA in political science, but my main field of interest is medicine. I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in Chinese medicine. The MBA will enable me to fit in the very competitive world that deals with politics day in, day out. I just realized that specializing in one field would not be of much benefit. There’s a need to diversify and be equipped with various skills, and hence one can tackle all kinds of tasks and duties. Professionally, I would prefer a career in a medical field but, in case I won’t secure any,, I would engage in politics or hunt for a business related career. This includes opening up my own business, which can be medicine oriented, such as a private hospital, medicine research station, pharmaceutical industries for manufacture of drugs, or any other of that sort. Since politics has been integrated into our day to day life, it is then necessary to acquire a deeper understanding of it.

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Enrollment in the program would make me qualify for a career in a wide political field, giving me the chance to choose what suits me best. Furthermore, it would also prepare me for further studies in medicine and equip me with skills that I could apply in any medical business that I could establish in the future. I look forward to gaining advantageous skills in political science. Most importantly, I aim to achieve diversification in the long run. A major contribution from my side as a learner is cooperation with the professors and being totally committed to the studies. This would greatly determine the success of the entire program.

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