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Problem with My Apartment

Apartment blocks have become a salient feature in many urban centers as developers try to make the most of the available land. Some benefits come with staying in an apartment although there are accompanying challenges too. Apartments are a preferred choice for majorities of the working population because one can easily relocate from one city to another without worrying about leavings one’s home behind. In addition, a tenant is not burdened with the responsibilities of maintaining the apartments including gardening, maintaining sewers, among others and yet one gets to live in a well-maintained place. There is also a downside to residing in apartment including the stress of dealing with an uncooperative landlord, incompetent workers, inconsiderate neighbors and etcetera. These three challenges will form the basis of this paper.

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Like many other tenants who rent apartments from real estate agents, I find it challenging to have contact with my landlord. As a result, I have a difficult time getting the landlord to come and make repairs in the unit, that I have resolved to foot the costs of minor repairs and leaving the major ones until he sends someone to fix them. I have tried negotiating with the landlord to enter into an agreement that allows me to foot the costs of major repairs too and deduct the cost from the rent, but he has maintained that he prefers having his team handle all the repairs in order to preserve the standards of the apartment. This leaves me with no option, but to be patient with my uncooperative landlord.

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My apartment block, like numerous other blocks, has a janitor who ensures that the block is habitable and well maintained, though he does contrary. I have tried to talk him into cleaning up the garbage disposal area regularly since I live next to the area, and I consider it a health hazard because of the poor disposal habits among my neighbors. I have also suggested that he could talk to the neighbors to dispose their garbage in plastic bags that are fully sealed, but this has not been effective. I have given him the option of relocating the garbage area to another spot, thought he says this is not possible because it is the designated spot in the whole block. I am totally at a loss because he cannot keep the area clean, and I am worried that my family might pick hygiene-related diseases if the issue is not resolved soon.

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As mentioned above, my neighbors have been disposing garbage in an unhygienic manner leaving refuse lying around the garbage area. I have attempted to reason with them to understand the health hazards associated with the habit, but some of them seem not to care, although some of them have responded positively. I intend to continue prodding them to dispose refuse responsibly for their own benefit and that of others until something is done and to make the garbage area clean.

There are several costs and benefits of residing in an apartment block with some of the costs being dealing with an uncooperative landlord, incompetent janitor and inconsiderate neighbors among others. I have a difficult time getting my landlord to do any repairs in the unit, convincing the janitor to keep the garbage area clean and taking my neighbors into disposing refuse responsibly to keep the refuse area clean. In spite of these challenges, there are benefits that override the problems I have faced with my landlord, janitor and neighbors. I am able to enjoy a well manicured lawn, a clean and lit parking lot, a safe environment with 24 hour security, maintained pool and gymnasium, to name but a few. I still favor living in apartment over residing in a standalone home, because I get to enjoy all these amenities and services without investing much of my time in them.

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