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It is never easy to make the best solution, especially in the elections case presented in this task. From the one side, it is clear that a person wants the best candidate to win the elections, and from the other side, it is never easy to do so. The potential ethical problem in this case is letting a person to be honest with oneself as well as her potential supporters because one may feel tempted to change this person in accordance to other standards. I think that this problem is connected with the duty of beneficence because I, as a Communication Director, would try to help Marina become the best version of herself without losing her honesty and intelligence.

Thus, I believe I would not write speeches for Marina or force her to write them the way I want. I would communicate with her and make her see the way I communicate with people. I want her to see that people react to my passionate speeches about her work in a very positive way, and that is why she should try to do something similar. I want Marina to understand my point and not just follow me because I said so or disagree with me because she is stubborn. I believe that even the greatest deeds require popularization, and I will try to prove this to Marina. I do not want to lie, so I will not, and I believe that Marina would never let me do it; after all, this is the reason I genuinely support her. Nevertheless, as a professional, I understand that she has to change, so instead of just changing her speeches, I want her to change from within as well as transform her approach toward the issues she cares about in a different, more likable way. It means that she will remain honest and serious, but she will also become convincing, persuasive, and appealing to the public.

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Kantian theory can really guide me here. It says that people are already worthy, and they use reason as a tool to simplify their existence. Kant’s ideas about categorical imperative can also be quite helpful because I may state it to Marina so she will see what potential influence she may have on the community in case of victory. Nevertheless, Utilitarian theory in this case is not such a great help because it justifies different means while achieving a specific goal and that is not always right. For instance, if I follow Utilitarian theory, it would be totally okay for me to put pressure on Marina and do everything possible to win, but I do not want to do it because I want this victory to be both fair and ethically acceptable for her.

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When it comes to ghostwriting, there are some strengths and weaknesses. The book points out the responsibility one has to take while presenting and writing the message. I believe it is a strength because I am able to take the responsibility for the things I am writing. Even more importantly, I will not be writing speeches for Marina, but we will do it together, and I will just help her until she understands fully the way she should communicate with people. It leads to another strength such as level of involvement, because I want to involve Marina as much as possible into the writing process.

The weaknesses include the circumstances because I realize that it is a huge challenge for both Marina and me. I really do not want to do any ghostwriting because I realize that Marina has so much to say from her own heart, and I do not want the public to think that she does not mean the things she is saying. I also do not want to put pressure on her or make her look like a person who can be manipulated. On the contrary, I want her to be herself and I want the audience to love her for that. I do not want her to lose because she lacks charisma or fun. Thus, the overall situation makes it very difficult to perform this task well.

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I also believe that this case applies to promoting truth. Avoiding harm is merely saving the elections so she does not lose, but I want more than that. I want her to win without sacrificing her beliefs, but I also want her to develop new skills, which are obligatory for the politician. I want her to promote truth by being honest with herself, and avoiding harm in this case is minimum, and I go for maximum.

Thus, as I said it, ghostwriting will not be taking place in this case. I will be writing speeches to show Marina how it should be done and not for her to recite them. I will be helping her to write, but I will not create an original content to say it is her own. This is definitely not my intention.

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Thus, as a professional, I would suggest Marina to learn. Yes, learn how to be a good communicator. I would recommend her learn from me because I believe that the practical example is the best example. I would recommend her to be more open and willing to learn something new so she can add fun and charisma to her serious speeches. I do not want to change Marina because I believe she will be a great politician, and I also do not want her to change because I am happy to see people who cannot be manipulated or pressured by others.

Thus, as I said earlier, I want to teach Marina significant skills that will help her communicate and appeal to the public. This way, she will be able to promote her serious ideas without changing herself, and she will also be able to find many supporters. Thanks to it, Maria will not need anybody writing anything for her since she will be an expert herself. I believe that instead of changing someone, we have to give this person an opportunity and tools to change oneself. Marina wants the truth to prevail, thus she has everything to become the best version of herself.

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