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Personal Emotional Experience and Related Theory


The purpose of this study is to explore personal emotional experiences and their implications in the real life situation.  Throughout the study, the possible theories that are related to the sample of personal emotional experiences will be highlight or discussed within the context of the study.  In this study dreams as an example of personal emotional experiences that are applicable to almost every individual in society will be a central point of study.  Since there are several theories related to dreams, the study will base its argument on brain conditioning theory which is also referred to evolutionary theory or threat theory by different psychologist such as the Freud’s and Deirdre Barrett.  The study will be presented in the form of first person narrative since it will entail personal emotional experiences.  The discussion part of this study will comprise of the dream experienced by the writer.  Dream refers or can be defined as a series of mental images and emotions that are said to occur when individuals are either a sleep or awake.  This is to mean that individuals are subject to dream no matter what time of a day is.  In other words dream refers to a certain state of mind which is said to be full of abstractions and also release from what is real or reality.  To sum up with, a dream entails images, thoughts, emotions and sounds that revolve in the mind when people are at sleep (Martin2001).  Below is the analytical of the dream I had one day.

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It was on Saturday, June 2010 the time when the University of California held an exhibition show where by the host quests were word bank and the international bank of United States of America.  The purpose of the exhibition was to enlighten students on investment and other succinct means of wealth creation.  During the event the targeted group was the on going students that is the finalists and other alumnae were also part and parcel of the event.  Senior personalities such as the CEO of word bank and that of International bank of united state of America were speakers of the day.  From their massage it was clear that one could become  rich out of lags something that made each and everyone of attendants to developed positive perception toward accumulation or wealth creation.  Since dream is merely imaginative act, none of attendants could think of dreaming that day.  After a long event which almost consumed the all day, I retired to bed early than usual that night.   It took me a brink of an eye then I began dreaming being a tycoon.  I was due to launch a new cement factory which would cost me billions of shillings or dollars if I may say.  The H-typher was the name of the company I had issued the tender of supplying of construction materials and the construction of the factory itself.  By then I owned other two factories, one being a paper factory and the second one being a textile factory.  Tycoon! Yes I was since type or model of a car I drove was Toyota Hammer 200-C the only car in California State.  I owned 150 accounts in and outside California with worth millions of money.  Apart from the two mentioned factories I owned other small firms within California State.  I found myself struggling to escape a gang of thieves who wanted to robe me the money I was going to bank in one of my account.  I woke up in the mid-of struggle but unfortunately I found that it was a dream.  The gang of thieves was my roommates who were waking me to attend a class lesson scheduled for 8.Am.  Amazed! It was just a dream, am still in the same position just like yesterday. 

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The brain conditioning theory

This is one of the most famous theories that are said to have some relationship with dreaming.  The theory describes that brain underwent through different stages during the time individuals are in a sleep.  From several researches conducted in the 1960s this theory argued that brain remains active when one is a wake.  This is to mean that during a sleep, brain is inactive as opposed to when one is awake (Stein1999).  Some psychophysiologist such as Fred Snyder claimed that the purpose of dreaming is to stimulate or retain the shape of the brain during times of inactivity that is when one is a sleep.  The theory argued that sleepers belong to the category of people which is highly vulnerable to threats in real world and other hazards experienced in their external environments.  Sleepers therefore monitor such environments unconsciously through specific senses such as dreaming.  Brain conditioning theory also referred to as threat simulation theory holds that dreaming is important in that it biologically serves an adaptive function.  The functions which allowed or enabled our ancestors develop strategies for solving problems related to life threats.  Through dreaming, individuals acquire ideal and safe environment by selecting events that are threatening and hence simulating them over and over in various or different combinations.  From this theory it is true that what experienced in contemporary dreams represents threat scripts in real life situation (Bonne’s 2003). 

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In conclusion in most cases personal emotional experiences in real life are related to certain theories that try to explain the importance of their occurrence.  In the study, dreams play an important role in lives of sleepers since it enabled them to simulate strategies that could be used in solving various problems associated to personal emotional experiences.

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