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The Personal Statement

I am Kelvin Cheung from Hong Kong. I come from a middle class family. My community is very reserved, but mingles freely with other neighboring societies and new friends. Initially after completing my high school level studies, I was supposed join Hong Kong University as a freshman so that I could be able to study and acquire the knowledge and skills that are required in facing the day to day challenges of the world. However I did not join the university but rather I joined Foothill College for some unavoidable circumstances. Here I decided to major my studies in business because later in future after completing my education at Foothill College, I would want to be a progressive multi millionaire business man. In my youthful age, I have come across many people with diverse educational backgrounds and experiences. They have been able to shape my aspirations and have really encouraged me to go for what my heart desires. I was advised not to look at the negative side of things but to be optimist that all will be well. Many people will come with different notions concerning my choice of field but I will not give them the chance to demoralize me since I am well aware of the situation. Interacting with people during my vacation made me want to become a business man who is going to be meeting the demands and request of the customer without putting my business at risk for being too friendly with my customers (Doughty, 1999).

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When I join university I am planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree program in business studies. It is a very intriguing field of study which involves my physical, emotional and social life. I am a person who loves doing challenging things and experiencing new situations. During my early school years, I took care of my grandparents shop and this is where my business interests started building up leading me to decide in majoring in Business. One thing that I have realized and believe in is trust, actually this is one of virtue mostly applied in business field. During those moments of teething in children and adults, my mother used to tell me that I was going to stay at home. Many children at my age were engaging in activities that were not too involving but for me I wanted to be around my parents so that I can be able to learn from them how to handle business activities. In my last year of high school, I decided to gain some experience in the business field whereby I worked in one of our local supermarkets where I interacted with so many people from different countries including tourists so as to learn more about this field. As a practicing business man, I managed to acquire many experiences. By so doing I learnt the insights into the common management of customer related problems, record keeping methods using the current system which uses computing methods, and there were some occasions when I consulted the customers to hear there point of view concerning how business has been conducted and whether they have met their needs appropriately. With all these remarkable experience at hand, I believe that am going to be a very good business man once I finish my course (Doughty, 1999).

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During my internship program, I made contact with many customers from all walks of life. This was a big achievement for me since we shared some information that will be of help to me when pursuing my course. I also mingled with other experts in that field who were more than willing to have new people join their field. There are very many challenges that businesses go through. This has really assisted me in understanding the whole process of processing, manufacturing, and distributing and the available goods to the retailers, wholesalers and retailers. The one common challenge faced by majority of the businesses is that there are some customers who really stress the staff and additionally the work load may be too much. All businesses use different methods when it comes to this situation, As for me, I went through a stress management class which gave me the confidence to say that I will be able to handle such situations and fully meet to their desired goals. In the near future, I want to be a well known business man who gives the best kinds of services in the country. I have a dream of pursuing a PHD course in the same field. This course will give me the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills effectively in helping those individuals with the dream of becoming business men and women with a difference in their country (Lehman, 1999).

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I am a good leader. I am the class prefect at my college. I was also the OBD member of Student Government of Foothill. I have also been awarded an award (silver) for being the most active volunteer student in Hong Kong. I have been a volunteer in Hong Kong and Foothill in many occasions especially during holidays. I engage in these activities because I love helping those individuals who do not have the capacity to help themselves in one way or the other. The fact that I am representing my class, this has taught me how to be a good leader which is actually very involving and cumbersome, but patience and understanding are the virtues that usually guide me. Apart from being a prefect, I have also been given the honor to chair several clubs and societies in Hong Kong which has also given me a wide range of knowledge concerning how business activities are carried out efficiently and effectively (Lehman, 1999).

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During my free time, I go to our retail shop and help my parents in running the small errands that involve moving from one point to another. Here, I find so many young people who are listening to music, playing video games among others. I deliver my goods and continue with my rounds bearing in mind that for one to succeed he/she has to put in a lot of energy and sacrifice things that do not add value to his/her life. Later in future it will come a time when I will seat back and enjoy the labor of my hands that I started building at a very tender age. Business generally requires a lot of planning in order to be able to cater for the needs and requirements of customers same time ensuring that you do not run at a loss. Additionally courtesy, openness and honesty to customers is very vital, for instance I remember there was a time when a neighbor of ours came asking to be given goods on credit. Since my parents were not around, I told her that we do not give people goods on credit since it will bring our business down. We make sales everyday so as to be able to restock the shop weekly. If all businesses did what the customers wanted, then we would not be here (Lehman, 1999).

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