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Challenges in Life

Life consists of several challenges which arise day by day. They can be either emotional, mental, physical or lifestyle challenges which touches each and every one of us in this world. These challenges are usually accompanied by outcomes, sometimes they can defeat us and subject us to suffering, other times out of a life challenge we end up being victorious from this hard challenge and become more phosphorus. My eight year old brother cancer attack was a great life challenge that brought depression to me and my family.

During my brother’s period of cancer diagnosis not only did he face challenges, but also I and my family were subjected to a lot of depression. Out love among all the family members it was so sad to see him suffer the disease and this gave us a feeling of hopelessness, pain and lot of worries to an extent of even lacking sleep, difficulties in eating and even disruption of the normal daily activities. This sickness of the young boy depressed me even much more and brought about a feeling of anger as I saw it my fault for him to have the disease. Everyone in the family wondered why it was him, what wrong had our family committed, why we had not noticed the disease early enough. All these unanswerable thoughts, minds and feelings left the family members worried about the future of the boy, thus bringing a lot of stress and depression.     

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The diagnosis of cancer is quite expensive in terms of costs and responsibilities (McDaniel, 91). During my brother’s diagnosis period, there was a lot of struggle in raising the finances for treatment. My family used a lot of its limited resources to an extent of seeking external support from friends to meet the medical costs which involved surgery, frequent examinations, therapy and purchasing cancer drugs on weekly basis. Additionally the family members had to commit most of their time in attending and performing the core functions of caretaking. These included ensuring that the boy took all the medical examinations, drugs, food and assisting him with any other needs that he frequently wanted. Therefore this called upon a lot of balancing between core duty functions and time for him.  

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Out of the depression I and my family underwent through from my brothers situation, it greatly impacted on our social life negatively. For instance there was withdraw of a lot of major activities such as our time with friends, conducting extra businesses, attending parties among others and instead we always opted to spend this time with the little boy.  As time went on and the active cancer treatment process was over, we expected him to respond immediately and resume back to normal. However this was not the case as the fatigue for cancer can last for quite some time after the treatment (Stiefel, 66), this brought to us worries and depression if everything was alright. This was especially when we started realizing some changes to the boy such as weight loss, skin colour changes, lack of appetite and low self esteem. These disturbed us a lot but later we came to learn they were normal situations after treatment.

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Life challenges comes in different forms and for this case, my eight year old brother cancer diagnosis was a great hit for my family as it came across with a lot of depressions. These difficulties cannot be avoided as they are part of the challenge therefore it is important to seek emotional support from doctors and councilors as one can be easily affected psychologically and socially. While overcoming such a situation, depreciation treatment both to the patient and the family should be ensured. This can be through screening and monitoring to identify symptoms and give necessary assistance to both the patient and the family to avoid depression. 

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