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Statement of Professional Intent

It is my belief that everything happen in life for a reason and that is why I am here. Since I was young, I had great desire to usually express myself and draw smile on people’s faces. This is because art is my passion and grows with me since I was young. My mother is my inspiration in every aspect of life. I started art by drawing good objects that surrounded me. I usually feel very happy whenever I do art. However, it was while watching TV when I saw graphics ads but I didn’t know subject under which these beautiful massages and conceptual meanings were taught. Due to my eagerness to know more about this program, I emailed the channel asking them the major under which these ad were taught since I had great interest in studying this type of art.

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They replied me that that course was graphic design. As a result I started to work hard so that I can pursue this course. I was horned the Kind Abdullah and got a scholarship to accomplish my studies abroad. Although I have great interest in art, my father wants me to undertake Computer Networking System. Graphic design has become my lifestyle. This is because it makes feel good and different whenever I undertake it. Due to this great interest in art, I had to change my major without my father’s consciousness but I finally got approval from ministry of high education to change my major from Computer Networking Systems to Graphic Design.

This relieved me and felt like born again. I called my mother and told her that I request had been granted and she was happy too. I am now a graphic student although I not told my father about this. It is my wish to be in graphic so as to be in a good position to change people’s mode of living. I will change by offering massages that have secret meaning, and want to do ads and conceptual videos that can be viewed by all people and affect them positively. My objective is to have my private business and create my own name that do staff in graphic design with a good theoretical thinking and strong meaning. I want to be a good thinker and art director, and part of designing. I would also like to messages to people urging them to change their bad habits to good. Since there are specialists that can’t comprehend certain society, I would like to have voice for me and them so that we are able to speak from same culture. Hence, it is my belief that I will pursue my objective and career successful if provided with opportunity and humble time.

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