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Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is an act of reading, composing or even sending text messages on a mobile phone while the person is operating a vehicle. Texting became a social norm in the year 2000 when the mobile phones introduced the text messaging package. Texting has been considered to have more negative effects as compared to talking on the phone while driving or even driving when drunk (LeBeau, 2009). For an individual to text on the phone, he has to put in more concentration which, in turn, will reduce the concentration which the person has focusing on the road when driving.

Texting while driving can make a person get distracted, and the driving is distracted is really dangerous because it can end up in an injury or loss of life due to a road accident. This can pose a major risk to all the road users who include innocent pedestrians and other drivers who may also be using the road. This is because when one is behind the wheel, the normal reaction time is doubled since a person has to take his eyes off the road and concentrate on what he is typing on the phone (LeBeau, 2009).

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When a driver is texting and at the same time driving, he is multitasking. When one is doing two things at a time, he may forget one task and focus on the other which may be very dangerous and end up causing car crashes and accidents which might be life threatening. Texting while driving has increased the motor vehicle accident rates since the risk that a driver takes while driving is very high with the majority of the offenders being the teens who are mainly distracted because of texting while driving (Austin, 2009).

In conclusion, texting and driving do not rhyme since it is very dangerous to the driver and other road users including the pedestrians. A number of states have put in measures to outlaw this practice, and it is highly recommended that all the states that have not yet done this should put in efforts to reduce this dangerous behavior which has affected the teens and many adults while driving.

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