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The poem above is one of my favorite poems. I am a lovely and an optimistic young woman persistent in the pursuance of her dream career. I am a senior student at Daniel’s College of Business of University of Denver. My major is finance. I am eager and willing to continue my studies at your institution because of the renowned performance of your graduates in my program of interest. I decided to undertake the program at your university after considering my previous academic performances. In addition, I have a keen interest in finance and its related field and have undertook logical analysis previously with good ratings.

My interest in finance is derived from the fact that it is a science every individual interacts with in his or her daily activities. Whether it is depositing of money, automobile and housing loans, buying insurance and risk investment, financial knowledge is significantly important in order to carry out financial transactions effectively. Since my 6th grade in primary school, I began to deposit in the bank every penny that I got. Due to the miniature amount of my deposits, I could only get a small amount interest. Nevertheless, I found the idea of withdrawing more than what I had deposited in the bank exiting. Only later did I come to know that interest on deposit was accrued because of compounding.

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After graduation from my junior middle school, I began my studies at Anglo-Chinese International School in Singapore from which I gained invaluable experience. Through this experience and my self-taught financial management skills, I became more independent and my capacity to adapt to new environments increased significantly. Unlike most of my schoolmates, I always had some money even at the end of the month. By keeping an account of all my expenses, I was able to budget effectively and therefore save money. In this regard, I was able control my expenditures ensuring that I spent my money in the most appropriate manner. This practice had an added advantage in that at the end of most months I always had surplus money.

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Apart from my money saving and budgeting practice, I began to read books related to finance and investment. These books significantly contributed in the realization of my field of interest.

During my study at the university, I learned that commitment was vital in the field of finance and became a committed student. My industriousness facilitated my attainment of a remarkable academic record of a GPA rating of 3.87. I was ranked among the most well performed students in the university. In this regard, I won the Chancellor’s Scholarship, which is the highest-level scholarship at the University of Denver. I have maintained an exemplary performance throughout my four years of study and managed to remain on the Dean’s List for the whole of this period. Furthermore, I was a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars while at the university. Moreover, my outstanding performance is illustrated in the records of the core courses such as Statistics I, Statistics II, Accounting for Decision Making, Financial Decision Making, Investment, Multinational Financial Management, Financial Institutions and Corporate Financial Theory all of which I scored an A. I firmly believe that the academic experience that I have gained so far will be significantly beneficial in my endeavors of perusing my dream career.

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Besides acquiring knowledge in class, I also make use of every opportunity I have to participate in other relevant activities. In this regard, I have gained a deeper understanding of finance and its related fields. I have been a member of Business Professional Fraternity, Delta Sigma and Pi. In addition, I have participated in professional guest speaking events, job-recruiting meetings and other social events. From June to August 2009, I worked at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China located in Shenyang. My responsibilities, as an assistant hall manager, included assisting the bank customers in opening bank accounts and filling transaction forms. I have also worked at Hao Tian Securities Co., Ltd., also located in Shenyang, an assistant customer manager in the period from June to Sept. 2011. Here, my tasks involved collecting and analyzing current financial news reports and data, providing financial advice to clients and handling clients’ complains. During this period, I interacted with several senior financial managers. Upon comparing my achievements with theirs, I realize that to be a senior financial manager, my career goal, required great academic achievements. Thus, I decided to apply for the postgraduate program in your institution.

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I believe that finance is the backbone of businesses. Furthermore, there are numerous employment opportunities for finance specialists. The finance major is professionally oriented major designed to prepare individuals interested in perusing a career in financial management. Financial management is the art and science of managing money or the way people, institutions, markets, and countries generate and transfer wealth. It is a major with good prospects considering that currently, small businesses, monolithic corporations, charities, and governments need effective financial management.

In my case, the aspects of finance and financial management fascinate me. I wish to find a postgraduate program at a distinguished university to further my study, which will help me to realize my dream career. After numerous consultations on the most appropriate institution to pursue my postgraduate program. I concluded that your institution would offer me the best skills and knowledge required to become a successful financial manager. Your consideration of my application will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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