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Significant Mistake or Failure in Life

Analyzing a Significant Mistake or Failure in Life
Reminisces about past life When I joined the college as a dashing eighteen-year-old man, I never envisaged what life on campus was going to be. Coming straight from high school, I was prepared to learn as much as my impressionable mind could accommodate. At first, life on campus was very fascinating. It was the first time I was going to live independent of my parents. Now sitting alone in my college apartment, I could not help but reminisce about the events that had taken place in my life for a couple of years. My mind drifted into life that we lived several years ago.

Important events

Visit to the football match

One Saturday afternoon, my father took me to the local pitch to watch football. My friends had time to go to the local stadium to watch all sorts of games. I always envied them when they came back with interesting tales to tell. I resolved to compensate for the lost opportunity. I resolved to give my future children as much freedom as they wished, and laughed at myself over thinking about children, when I was only thirteen.

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Love Development for the Army

I loved watching action movies, and those with a military theme always interested me. I loved the military fatigues, and always admired their neatly pressed jungle kits. I indicated to my father that I would like to join the army when I grow up, and he was very impressed. My father was retired for a long time, but he had several friends still in active service. Some of them would visit us at home. I particularly enjoyed such visits and was standing behind the door to the living room and eavesdropping on their conversations. Combat stories always captured my imagination. I had been standing behind the door for hours to gather as much information as possible.

The eighteenth birthday party

I vividly remembered my eighteenth birthday. My mother had organized a party for me, and all my friends from neighborhood were invited. My father’s former Army comrades were also invited. His bosom friend, a certain Mr. Joe, was present. Everyone at the party had a happy and fulfilling time. Drinks were available in the house, and everybody was excited. It was my first time to taste beer, and at first, I did not like it. My father had no qualms about my drinking, but advised me to drink in moderation at all times.

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News about forthcoming Army recruitment

At this party, Joe told me about enlisting in the Army that was planned for the following Saturday. I was so excited that I could hardly wait. My parents were happy for me, and promised to help me in any way. Joe assured me that all I needed to be enlisted was to be physically fit. I took this as a positive indication that everything was going to be well. On the eve of the recruitment, my father released his car to me, and gave me one thousand dollars to spend as I wished. He reminded me that I was an adult now. The same evening, I left the house and resolved to spend some good time at a bar at the other end of town. I was not very familiar with that neighborhood, but I decided to explore what it had to offer.

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Unpleasant experience in the bar

I must have appeared in the bar at around eight in the evening. I chose a table in a dark corner and ordered drinks. It was only my second time to imbibe, and I must have drunk too much. I do not remember when or how I left the bar, but it must have been well past midnight. I staggered towards the car and must have hit the wheel soon thereafter. I do not recollect what happened next, but was told that I skidded on the tarmac and rammed into an approaching tanker. When I came to consciousness, I found myself in hospital with heavy bandages and fractured bones.

Consequences of the past actions

The decision to drink so much on that day affected my health. I had been an athletic young man who enjoyed being outdoors, and yet here I was confined to my hospital bed with heavy bandages and broken bones. I had wasted one thousand dollars on binge drinking, at the expense of realizing my childhood dreams. All the efforts I had put into exercising to be physically fit were a waste of time. This is because I was neverwas never going to join the Army after all. I lost this tremendous professional opportunity. All my life, I had dreamt of joining the Army and offering faithful service to my country for as long as I was needed. I also damaged an important professional relationship. Even though I had not yet joined the Army, the decision I took severely damaged my relationship with my father’s bosom friend, who would have been my godfather in the military. He must have lost all the trust he had in me, and I was never going to face him with confidence again.

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With the benefit of hindsight, the decision that I took that fateful evening cost me on many fronts. I blew all the money that my father had advanced me, wasted time getting in shape for the recruitment and harmed my health because of drunk driving. In addition, I lost the opportunity to join the career of my dreams and damaged a useful professional relationship by betraying the trust of my father’s friend, who could have facilitated my entry into the disciplined forces.


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