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Technology developments have enabled persons to have the easiest access to information and remain updated at all times no matter where they are. At this age and time of the world being a global village certain gadgets are not only a requirement but a necessity; this is because without it people will lose a lot of opportunities (Ilyas, & Ahson, 78). For instance, without a mobile phone it is a setback in view of the fact that communication will be ineffective. This means that having a gadget such as a Smartphone like an iPhone or android is a basic need if one values communication; this is because of the numerous advantages involved in having one. This paper gives the benefits of having a smartphone and recommends everyone to have one.

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A smartphone is a phone that is able to run on an operating system, it has more features than a mobile phone and this makes it very enjoyable and exciting to use. The smartphone is a very well-liked form of communicating globally; the best advantage is that it has many functions. It is like having a computer in your pocket; this is because you will be access messages not only SMS from phones but emails. It will enable you to send and receive emails through its applications (Rich, 81). In fact, you will be able to accept voice calls and also connect to the social networks in an instant. Anyone subscribed to facebook, twitter, google +, ebay, and HI5 among other social websites will be able to connect with friends and family through the smartphone (Ilyas, & Ahson, 126). You can initiate discussions in forums, ask queries and even search anything from the internet in an instant; this includes getting live updates on news and developing stories globally. This is very effective and efficient especially when in business since one can analyze every event and how it affects his or her business.

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The smartphone’s additional features include the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA); the device is able to use its powerful memory and built in processor to perform certain functions. They come equipped with a ready calendar, address book, notepad, memos, voice recorder, and calculator and very many features that ensure the owner of the smartphone is able to plan his daily, monthly and annual events as easily and conveniently as possible (Rich, 99). The devices also come with a high definition camera that takes absolutely perfect photos that are stored in a large internal memory that can later be uploaded and shared in the social sites; one can also record videos and upload them. In addition, the device has a global position system that enables one to navigate in towns and cities. Some have a dictionary that can be searched through voice recognition that you just speak and it searches the words (Ilyas, & Ahson, 78). The words are also editable and can fit the user description and hence ease in understanding languages.

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Smartphones are very important because they can act as an office when you are away from the office; this is because one can be able to access word documents, spreadsheets and database functions. Thus one can be able to work effectively as one can work on documents, upload them and send them to the required recipients. This makes working very flexible and effective since one can work 24 hours a day (Miller, & Stafford, 69).

With the many applications being developed in the market having a smartphone will be very essential since it will enable the use of the numerous applications. They will make shopping accessible through the phone and hence save you the time and energy of moving up and down to get a product or service. Imagine a stress free life where everything is operated on you palm through the smartphone; this will ensure you have more time to concentrate on other work hence you become very productive (Miller, & Stafford, 52). It has applications that can enable one to trade Foreign exchange or shares online and track the changes of the investments one has made. You will also be able to withdraw and transfer money from your account jus using the smartphone; this means you are in-charge of your money affairs (Miller, & Stafford, 64).

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The smartphones is a very effective entertainment unit; it will enable you to access all the latest music, if you are a fan of entertainment. It will allow you to store music in albums, artists, or years; there will be enough music to listen to all day without the hustles of carrying a radio or other gadgets around. You can use it as an ipod since it has a large internal and external memory storage capacity and will enable you to insert earphones and sing along your best music (Ilyas, & Ahson, 78).

Some smartphones will also have an option of just singing the song then its voice command will detect the song and download it; this will save you the hustles of searching for the song to no avail. You will be able to access the videos on youtube wherever you are and also store them on your iPhone or Android phone (Rich, 112). You will be able to apply numerous themes, ring tones images, home screens and web favorites. Indeed, a smartphone is more than a phone that solves issues of entertainment and is recommended for every person conscious of their wellbeing. The smartphone is very user friendly; it is not the same using the keypad of the old phones. They are smooth while some are operated on a screen touch keypad that makes it very trendy and effective to use.

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In conclusion, the smartphone will be very effective in keeping you ordered, be flexible, and access all the needed information. You will never be out of touch, and be able to share information easily, have great functionality and fast and convenient communication. These are benefits that one cannot turn down especially if you need to be very productive in life.

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