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Fundraising for Farm Fields

Farm field is place run by volunteers dedicated to providing a loving home for its pet residentts as long as they need it often.  It is located in California, USA and long been started in 1985 aimed at providing shelter for animals. As a volunteer of the Farm Field, I wish to recognize and appreciate the existing relationship you keep with us and we look forward to doing more.

Farm Field precisely is a non-profit, donations and fundraising campaigns are sole sources of support, and donations have been low in recent years even though the number of animals in need keeps climbing. Condsidering the good work done by providing food, shelter and care for the animals out of place and ensuring continuity there is every need not to let this hard work go in vain. Thus, we are currently carrying out a new face of scheme and soliciting for your support in cash donations or donations of supply in areas where we deem it fit for actualizing the goals of this farm. In this light we are using this medium to solicit your presence in this current scheme in order to meet the growing expectation of this farm.

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The list of supplies that would be necessary as you choose to make your donations is as shown below:

  1. Cash
  2. Pet food (preferred purina and iams brands)
  3. Hay
  4. Bird seed
  5.  Small animal food
  6. Stainless steel bowls
  7. Collars and leashes
  8. Kitty litter, boxes, and scoops
  9. Grooming supplies
  10.  Pet toys
  11. Blankets and bedding
  12.  Office supplies.
  13.  Cleaning supplies

We are fostering better ways of moving the farm forward. We are open to further discussion and your professional advice. Please your donations in cash or supplies in any amount would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your anticipated support.

Yours faithfully,


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