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The Importance of Volunteering in Our Society

Volunteering is an act of freely giving out our service and work to the needy without payback of a cash reward for the task done. If brought into force with good motiveit can changes our ways of living and make our societies a better place live. In reference to Robert (2004) the best way to start volunteering is to search for a necessity which you believe offers volunteer chance or as an example open volunteer ship opportunity shoveling a neighbor's sidewalk and driveway, just get out and do it.

If you are not sure of an area of opportunity one can find it from volunteer sites such as local Chamber of Commerce, Business Centers, churches, nongovernmental organizations and charitable organizations. If you have a school aged children around your neighborhood for example and education is an important asset to you, then you may have volunteer opportunities as well. You start slowly and expand gradually rather than getting in to the point that you become overwhelmed.

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According to Dionne (1998) the act of volunteering to our society does not only have a philanthropist virtue of promoting humanity but also acts as a rich motivation factor towards helping the needy and promoting unity in our societies among other benefits. Volunteering for good cause is important since it has a payback and is rewarding to both parties .Even though one is not paid for the service and work done, its helps the needy and adds value to life proving that the world is still a beautiful place to live in. It gratifies that no matter what kind of tragedy strikes; there would always be a silver lining to every rain cloud.

Robert (2004) argues that, Taking part in community work helps one to have sense of companionship with the society and gain more knowledge of how to work with the society. The volunteer ship spirit can be taught to society early as possible. The young age group can really contribute a lot but they need to be directed on how to go about it. They need to be shown how to choose volunteer ship from experienced experts. They need to be enlightened about the worthiness and the real meaning of volunteer ship. Volunteering is important since it promotes the spirit of generosity which entails giving assistance to everyone in the society, even strangers; it enables us to share the good things we have received in life.

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According to Dionne (1998) volunteering brings about optimism to those who have lost meaning to life; those who have lost their confidence on humanity. Volunteers are even instrumental in stimulating others to reclaim their lives and start over again; and perhaps also motivate and convince others to volunteer their time, resources and talent. In conclusion volunteerism should be encouraged to people from all walks of lives and encourage all members of the society to assist one another. The best way to create awareness of volunteer ship is to take part in volunteer activities and act positively towards promoting activities related to volunteerism.

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