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Teaser Pitch Speech for Book

Prospecting is not about convincing, it's all about persuasion and recruiting. To recruit a new sign-up for any business requires you to find someone interested to sign up not people from your warm list. In the business world, that interested prospect is called a lead. You get leads in the by creating your own leads or buying your own leads.

Prospecting is not also about "trying to get someone" to do something "Prospecting and recruiting is the highest form of selling because you not only ask people for their money but ask them to entrust you with their lives, trust you to invest their hopes, dreams and futures into your leadership and your guidance.

The great news is that great prospecting is in doing things that offer the other person complete and total freedom to do WHATEVER they want to do! No pressure from you to do anything else! That's right: when you actually give your prospect permission to say 'NO' you solicit interested people and will actually find a lot more people saying 'YES'. To this point, it is the voice in their head screaming "get started" THEIR voice and inner self, not mine or yours.

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So, being a professional prospector is simple, "Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple and that is creativity."

  • Create the space for an authentic conversation
  • Observe the prospect's language and behavior to see if they're someone you really want to work with (or not).

Ultimately not items from your warm list. If the warm list is your only lead form of generation, your success will range from low to non-existence.

  • If they ARE someone you want to work with, provide them with a "next step" that will give them information on your company, product and opportunity. Doing that is both simple and difficult.

Simple if you create your own marketing leads, "you" are unique with special talents and abilities no other person in the earth has. Demonstrate that you are the type of person that can help them succeed. Difficult if you are not making any money because you are not spending anytime prospecting and recruiting losses money but you are simply running an Adult Day Care. Even if you are good enough at sales to recruit a few people, your new recruits might not recruit anyone at all. All of your time you will spend motivating, recommitting and training your failing team.

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Finally, creating your own leads will usually result in motivating and trusting prospects having sold to them the idea that you can help them succeed. They will not care about the primary business you promote, they will just feel you can help them get what they want.

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