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Restricting Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages


Restricting advertising of alcoholic beverages has remained a contentious issue due to failure by the concerned parties to come up with a policy to regulate the practice. Representatives from organizations concern with drug abuse believe that advertising alcoholic beverages is misleading to the youngsters and should be stopped. On the other hand, alcohol industry representatives argue that the promotion has no impact on consumption. They believe that consumers of alcoholic beverages are above 18 years and mature enough to be personally accountable for their own lives. However, advertising alcoholic beverages has both pros and cons that need to be analyzed in order to come up with a reasonable decision (Moser 48).

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Pros of restricting advertising of alcoholic beverages

Restricting advertising alcoholic beverages will stop alcohol industries from developing adverts that are misleading to the public and especially to the youngsters who are very curious to have experience of anything they come across. Although alcohol industries argue that these promotions have no impact on consumption but choice of brand, independent researchers argue that alcohol advertising does impact consumption, behavior and health of the consumers. Restricting advertising of these drinks will minimize public awareness hence reducing consumption of alcoholic beverages in our societies. These advertisements are not available to adults only and if they are restricted youngster will be freed from luring information about alcohol (World Health Organization 192).

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According to a research conducted by Grube and Wallack, television adverts about beer lure children of between 10 to 12 years to drinking and also increases their intentions to drink as adults. Restricting these advertisements will prevent children from drinking and ensure a future generation free from alcohol addiction. A lot of funds are annually used by alcohol brewing industries to promote its consumption. When these adverts are restricted, these funds can be used in more social friendly activities. Ban on these adverts will also reduce death rate resulting from car accidents. Researchers have provided tangible evidence that over 50 % of car accidents are as result of driving under alcohol influence (World Health Organization 196).

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Cos of restricting advertising of alcoholic beverages

Nothing has advantages that and fail to have disadvantages no matter how negligible they might be. Restricting advertising of alcoholic beverages has its advantages too. Firstly, consumption of these drinks will reduce consumption hence reducing profits made by alcohol brewing industries. This will have adverse effects on the economy since governments get a lot of income from these industries in terms of tax. Restrictions could also reduce job opportunities in brewing companies. Generally there will be a decrease in consumption of alcoholic beverages hence little returns to business persons operating in this sector. Consequently, this will have a negative impact to the economy in the long run (Moser 56).

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Analysis and conclusion

Alcoholic drinks have been there for long and there are no intentions to eliminate them. However consumption of these drinks needs to be regulated in order to avoid consequences arising from alcohol abuse. Consumption of alcohol has harmful health and behavioral effects to people that cannot be ignored. Deaths and property loss associated with alcohol taking cannot be compensated by the income generated by alcohol brewing industries (Moser 59). Generally, advantages of restricting advertising of alcoholic beverages outweigh its disadvantages and laws should be created to regulate alcohol consumption in our societies.

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