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My Favorite Pet

Over the years, human beings have tamed different kinds of animals as pets; from common ones like cats and birds to the exotic ones like snakes and tigers depending on their culture of preference. However, dogs stand out from all pets. They have proven to be protective, loyal and loving companions of human beings and that is why I would choose one as my pet. This essay therefore explains why I would prefer to adopt a dog over all other pets as well as persuade a friend to adopt one.

First and foremost, dogs are very protective animals to not only the owner but even to the bigger society. They provide the best and easiest possible security man can find. Not every family can afford to hire a guard and even those with guards still keep dogs for extra security. In addition to protecting the owners, they end up protecting even those human beings responsible for protecting others. In many occasions, a dog would rush to defend its owner from an attack from all kinds of threats be it other animals or thieves. It's amazing how a dog can put its life on the line just for the safety of its owner. Who would not wish to own such an animal? While other animals at home would run away for their safety, the dog will charge at the threat and fight to over power it before it attacks the owner. I wonder if there are human beings that would willingly put their lives on the line for a fellow human being let a lone a dog.

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In most times of the nights, dogs are left to stay outside regardless of the weather in order to protect property. The irony of it all is that even those people who do not like dogs use them for protection. This is just absurd. Why would one use his enemy for protection? All the same, being the loyal servant it has always been, the dog still does its job with perfection. While the owner is enjoying the warmth of his blanket, the dog is out side a wake and ready to buck and react to any threat or insecurity that it senses. I bet you could not get such loyalty from any other animal on the earth.

Dogs are therefore very loyal to the owners regardless of their character. Their master would go to work in the morning and return home in the evening but the dog will still recognize and welcome him. This kind of loyalty is so touching that I wish every human being would be this loyal. Unless a dog is mistreated very severely, it is almost impossible for it to turn against its master. Unlike dogs, human beings have betrayed one another on a number of occasions to an extent that a parent would betray his own child. If such a level of betrayal existed among the dogs, then human beings would be nursing wounds everyday as a result of attacks from their own dogs.

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These animals love and enjoy the simplest things one would imagine. You should therefore not fear that a dog would require so much attention or take most of his time and money. You could share your meal with a dog and it will still appreciate it. A pet dog would take its master for jogging early in the morning or in the evening with a lot of enthusiasm. On many occasion you find human beings playing with their dogs as they jump up and down or wrestle. Some people especially the ladies even go to an extent of sleeping with their dogs on the same bed or sit with their pet dogs on the same couch as they watch a movie. These creatures therefore have so much love for their masters more than any other animal you would think of.

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Dogs do not have moods like human beings do. There is no time when a master would worry about arriving home from a tiresome day at work and finding his dog gloomy at him. Dogs will always welcome the masters and even rub against the master as they shake their tails. I would definitely wish to have such a partner in life so that when I come back home, I do not have to worry about whether the pet will be happy to see me or not. Sometimes school or work could be so frustrating that all I want to do is reach home and be welcomed with joy and love before I take a rest. I realize the best pet to give me this kind of love and welcome would be a dog.

In addition to being loving companions, dogs are so smart that they could quickly learn to do many tasks. For instance, I could teach it simple tricks like sitting down or running and catching an item or even playing dead. All these activities act as forms of entertainment and bonding between the dog and the owner. Unlike other pets like cats, I can also take my dog to a field and spend the entire evening playing and strengthening our "relationship" so to speak. This tells you that a dog is more than a mere animal; it's more of a friend that you would never regret having in your entire life.

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As much as people have different tastes and preferences, there are specific aspects of pets that one might consider for a pet. For any one wishing to own a loving, loyal and protective pet, there is no doubt that a dog would ne the most appropriate animal. As a matter of fact, these are three most important characteristics of a pet that you would love to see. Dogs are therefore the most superior pets because their characteristics make them the closest friends to man. I wouldn't imagine going for any other pet other than a dog. Nevertheless it is important to treat dogs with care and love just like they would do to you.

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