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Legal Drinking Age


I. At the age of 18, a youth is responsible enough to make a decision to serve in the military, start a family and decide on which leader to vote for in elections. If he can exercise judgement concerning such weighty matters, why should we deny him or her chance to decide whether he should drink or not?

II. Is there a problem? Yes!  Alcohol, like drugs has its ill effects but we need to be practical in our approach to issues surrounding its usage.


I. As stated in my introduction, we are actually using more natural resources than the earth can regenerate. It is not true that 18 year olds are less tolerant than 21 year olds. Tolerance and responsibility are not dependent on age. Arguments against lowering drinking age are not based on facts:

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a. Those aged below 21 desire alcohol due to its forbidden nature; it arouses curiosity

b. They over drink since they are not sure when the next drink will be available due to its forbidden nature

c. Dropping the drinking age to 18 will effectively reduce curiosity of the forbidden fruit hence reduce high prevalence of excessive consumption among this group.

d. Italy, China and Greece have a lower limits on drinking age yet experience less alcohol related problems than USA.

II. Instead of withdrawing alcohol from minors only for them to get exposed to it at the age of 21, why not expose them to it early by teaching them what it is and its dangers? This will enhance their capability to make sound decisions when time comes for them to consume it.

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III. Lowering drinking age will ensure that teens drink in public places where supervision by police and health workers is possible.  They will also be more open with parents since they have nothing to hide.

IV.But colleges argue that lowering the age will increase alcohol related deaths. Is this true?

a. It is not true. The reverse will happen: such deaths will be reduced since teens will not have to look over their shoulders for fear of arrests hence get very intoxicated.

b. They will be sure that it will always be there hence take it with moderation

V. At the age of 18, the law recognizes that a youth can marry, serve in the military and can be prosecuted in a court of law, yet it does grant such a youth freedom to drink until he turns 21. Doesn't the law contradict itself here in recognizing that a youth is responsible in all other aspects but not with respect to alcohol?

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VI. Among drinkers only, 32% of underage compared to 24% of legal age are heavy drinkers. If granted legal status to drink, there might be an opportunity to regulate and monitor consumption in colleges hence reduce the high prevalence. 

VII. Lund's research indicates that alcohol contributes towards road accidents and related deaths. Could alcohol be the only cause for such deaths? The ability of people to make responsible decisions on issues that affect their lives should be respected


I. In conclusion, we should consider lowering the legal drinking age from 21 to 18. Benefits of early familiarization with alcohol far outweigh dangers associated with exposure to it at the age of 21, that is imposed by law

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II. Teens will no longer experiment with alcohol in secret; they will take it responsibly, under supervision and in public.

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