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Slave on the Block and Hard Riding

The book Hard Riding and Slave on the Block critically state the socio economic conditions of the races which have been considered as dull and irresponsible in the history of United States. The stereotyping has been exaggerated in some ways which describe that the blacks and the Indians were not able to sustain the pressures of the responsibilities that originate in the business and trade and they are unsuccessful in their lives with no wisdom and no defining power to make decisions.

In both the stories authors have emphasized on different cultural aspects of the so called minorities to depict the fact that these races have absorbed much in them which has made them to live in those times when the white people were getting control over the economical aspects of the America. The first story Hard Riding establishes a strong viewpoint of the strengths of the Indians when whites have gained more control over the America and they were still in various agreements with the Indians. The Indians controlled the cattle market in majority of the areas and were living a smooth life with very good living standards. They were still strong in various areas and in order to get the authority Washington had been involved in various agreements with them. Since the Indians were strong, they were asked to pay the taxes which they did. At first they didn’t have an idea of these taxes but as they got an idea, they paid them. But sincerely they knew that they were being played by the government so they always kept a clever eye on every recommendation which government offered to them. Since this time they asked to establish courts for the justice of those who steal their cattle, they hesitated at first as they thought that they didn’t have to create such things as they are all together and even if their cattle were stolen, they were not worried by any kinds of losses which they have to bear. Also their main point was that the cattle were stolen by the poor so this way someone doesn’t sleep starved. This shows the economical aspects of the Indians and the level of integrity and support for their own people regardless of the point that they were being stolen. The author identified the misconceptions against different races stating that they are not capable of sustaining pressures. For this reason author has tried to involve Indians in his story and the white man is involved as the superintendent who always have to be strong in his emotions and words if he ever wants these Indians to convince in his notions.

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The other story also has the same moralistic approach where a white couple is letting itself behind in admiring and identifying the talent in the blacks. This couple feels that the black people are humble, courageous, and lovable and most importantly are very artistic in their nature and actions. This couple simply invited the blacks for visiting them and sharing their experiences. But what this story emphasized more was the way they seemed to treat the niggers. They were very kind and generous and helpful and they didn’t ever think of them as servants. The only thing they wanted was to involve in the artistic nature of these niggers. When Luther came into their lives they realized his importance as being a jungle. The word jungle depicted the artistic approach of the couple where Anne, the wife, saw him as a painting and Michael, the husband, saw him as an inspiration to him to write new music. Thus what they did was that they wanted Luther to pose for Anne and sing songs for Michael and everything went fine. Until the mother of Michael came to pay his son a visit and started to object the presence of niggers in the house especially when Luther was disgracing him as he sang slang songs and went in home without shirt. The couple in the end has to banish Luther and their maid for being over disgracing.

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The stories revolves around one important theme which is that the niggers and Indians both shared talents of different kinds which were always appreciated somehow. Though those whites were very less in numbers who appreciated them but they surely were. Comparatively the first story showed that Indians were taking good at the trade of cattle and were very established and the niggers however, had various problems in gaining respect as being responsible. Both stories revolve around the whites who have good nature in conducting something good for the races which are left behind. The superintendent was very helpful for Indians in the first story and the couple was good in the second. But what in the end was relieved in the stories was the non justification both niggers and the Indians towards those who are on their sides. The superintendent was seen as the person who was against the Indians and always take care of the propositions which government recommends for the Indians whereas in the couple in the end was shown as the enemies of the niggers who treated them generously which made the niggers to cross their limits in critical situations.

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