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The Importance of Leadership

Leadership is a vital thing when the change taken place in the particular organization. A well lead leadership only gives you the right way and suggests in clear ideas when the team of members are in trouble. There are certain elements in the leadership that must be considered when the organization is about to change in short period of time. A leader must prepare for the change, acting in the implementation phase of the change, after implementing the change in the organization (Work911/Bacal & Associates Business & Management Supersite).

The Role of leadership in ever organization is very important, because the leader know how to lead the team in the right path. The leader must predict the future course of action in the present scenarios. That is the main quality of the good leader. Predicting bad and good thing is must for the leader (The Importance of leadership, 1999 - 2009). When the time of had change arrived in the organization, the leader must predict what would happen if the plan was implemented. The leader must effectively communicate to their employees to implement the change plan. Without the good leadership the team may be in mayhem. The team members don’t know how to solve a particular issue relating to the change implementation.

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In the bad leadership you cannot expect a word of positive from the leader. Being positive is the main thing in the leadership and will produce good results to the management in terms of good outputs from the employees. The management must have to know the importance of good leadership in an organization rather just improving the skills of a bad leader (The Importance of leadership, D. Quinn Mills, 2005). Each and every person in the team as well as in the organization must understand the importance of the leadership. It is better for the each organization to know about the importance of the leadership and they have to take active steps to spread the same.

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