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It disputes that wealthy persons are ethically compelled to contribute far extra resources to compassionate reason than is measured usual in Western society. One of the center points of view in the paper is that if one can use his wealth to decrease distress—for instance, by aiding food crisis relief efforts devoid of any important decline in the comfort of himself or others, then it is depraved not to do so. The causes of scarcity are different and consist of human transgression; on the other hand this doesn't matter. What matters is that each of us can reduce the effects of the famines that are at present taking place and can take steps to stop those that might occur. At the same time as we go about our every day business, living our contented lives, millions of people, as well as hundreds of thousands of children all through the world, are suffering as well as dying. Conversely, that it is a moral responsibility to reduce famine.

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If everybody donated five pounds, then there would be adequate funds to assist relieve those suffering amongst us from lack of food, protection, as well as medical awareness. However in actuality, not everyone will give all the money that needs to be specified. In view of the fact that not everyone donates what they should, the people that do contribute should give all they can to help, not just the smallest amount. If people contribute or take action then they can put off anguish, as a result setting up the fourth principle. If everyone worked to indemnify happiness, then of course there would be less pain, however in reality, there are wrong actions in the world that lead to bad events. In addition, if a person works so hard to achieve happiness that they injure themselves, then they can not work anymore to attain the greatest happiness and consequently turn out to be a dependant themselves.

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