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The Fascist Regime and the Nazi Regime

Totalitarianism is one form of government, in that administration only one leader to rule the country and he is the only person to take decisions. The opponents are either jailed or shot to death. Such form of government is used by both the rulers Mussolini and Hitler after the world war one to make their countries a world powerful country, because after the First World War redundancy is a major problem than trade decline. They both are completely different in the method of ruling their nations, setting the war field, aims, life style and everything. In the year of 1933 the unemployment rate in Germany was 26% before the instatement of Hitler ruling. After his administration the ratio drastically decreased to 0.5%.

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(Source:Wilmat, Eric: 1977 pg 42)

Mussolini too tried hard to eradicate the problem of unemployment, but it takes very long period for him to make change. Hitler structured is army very powerfully and thus he captured Poland in just 19 days, France, Holland, Luxembourg and Belgium in six weeks, and within two months he seized Denmark and Norway. While comparing to Hitler, Mussolini achievements are very less for example he held Ethiopia after several months of struggle. This is because of the experience of Hitler in World War I. In 1914 Hitler was disqualified in the selection of Austrian army at the same time Mussolini was excluded from socialist party. Hitler joined as a frontline soldier in German army and after some months Mussolini also entered war field as a frontline soldier. Though they both are forced out of military due to severe wounds, these experiences helped both of them in ruling their respective nation. Hitler won a prestigious medal namely Iron cross in his military service. Both of them had same aims but Mussolini is some what restricted his goals. For instance, the main aim of Hitler is to conquer and colonize Eastern Europe, and to eradicate Jews. Thus Mussolini aims are slightly contrast from Hitler

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(Sources: Wilmat- page 54:1997)

They both followed the same totalitarian regime path to establish their powers in their respective nations. At parliament they both formed follower groups and other candidates feared for this huge gang and so both the leaders did benefit from this environment. In ruling period Hitler mostly liked the Nazi parades and the applause at Nazi rallies. He is very calculating, but Mussolini always prefers to be a superman in front of his people. He use to pilot single engine plane, he frequently flaunt hand gestures and too much of actions during his speeches. This is the completely contrast character of Mussolini while comparing to Hitler and hence they are extremely different leaders.

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Mussolini struggled very hard to co-exist and face the opposite parties in his own country like Italian monarchy and other rivals, but Hitler controlled other parties’ right from the begging of his ruling period and he completed all his plans without any flaws.

They both had different attitudes in case of religion and culture. In Hitler ruling catholic churches highly influenced Italians, but in Germany no such uniform conformity on religion. Hitler and Mussolini took steps to improve role of women in society development but only Hitler allowed the participation of women in industrial productions. However Italian leadership proved to be more conventional than the violent ruling of Hitler. But both the great leaders left their country economically and socially good for their followers.

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