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Coelho’s Rhetorical Strategies in Alchemist

Coelho uses the voice of symbolism, dreams, emotional pathos, parodies as well as strong comparisons and contrasts to describe his mystic journey of exploration and self-discovery. There’s rich deal of rhetorical use in Alchemist, a novel that tells a tale of a boy-Santiago who follows his dreams through listening to “signs” and begins a long symbolic journey in search of a hidden treasure in the pyramids of Egypt.

Coelho’s rhetorical use brings simplicity in Alchemist

It could be expected that in such a philosophical piece could be way too complex, but what gives it that simplicity is the use of rhetorical language to converse to situations of his book purpose, theme, genre, location, audience as well as his philosophies. In other words, Alchemist is written in a fable arrangement. Probably we can start by asking ourselves; what is a fable and what is the reason behind which Coelho could use it to tell his story?” Generally speaking, fables use decipherable, simple language and settings so as to exemplify some truths human life or nature.

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For instance, the book begins with Santiago's (main character) perspective as told through an omniscient narrator who depicts how Santiago is thinking and feeling. According to Koplik (2000), this perspective shows the transformation that he undergoes and allows the reader to share in his discoveries and perceptivity.

Think about what is being important for Santiago in the ending. Is it the journey or the destination??? Is it that Santiago eventually finds happiness? What is it that Coelho attempts to teach?

Coelho’s use of parables in Alchemist

The “hero’s” journey as depicted by Coelho is similar to the prodigal son’s journey termed by Jesus; a perfect allegory of alchemy. Joseph Campbell could not put it better: "Alchemical symbolism is one way of telling this same story [i.e., the journey of the mythic hero] in terms of getting the gold out of the base matter. And the gold is your own spiritual life that is clouded in the pure matter of your physical interests. The operation of the mythic meditation is to bring out, elicit, the gold of your spiritual character. You have to move into this slowly, and that's what ordeals are. The ordeal is a gradual clarification and purification of your life." Joseph Campbell, the Hero's Journey (1990).

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