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The Five Pillars

Morality is used to define what is right and that which is wrong in the society. It defines these from the realistic sphere to the realm of behavior.

Physical factors that affect soldiers' morals include, but are not limited to the following; killing people, seeing villages and homes destroyed, personally knowing a colleague who was either killed or injured, seeing human remains or dead bodies, being injured or wounded e.t.c. The effect of killing, on the soldiers who do it has been found out to be the most stressful event to deal with in their lives (Greg) Soldiers who kill or witness colleagues killed report higher rates of stress as compared to those who believe they did not killed anyone. After wars, some soldiers resume their lives, but with various types of disabilities. Some come home blind, without an arm, a leg, or deaf, or even mentally broken due to the things they had to live with throughout the war. Other soldiers go back home appearing normal in body, but have serious intellectual situations that they cannot even take any physical work.

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Emotionally, soldiers must act on the question of what they must do to act well and rightfully. Here they should always do what they feel is right for them without imposing their views on others. They must always act in what is seen as a loving manner, by letting the state of affairs, in all of its exceptionality, speak to them. Hallucinations are also very common in combat soldiers. Here, soldiers feel that they are in the traumatic war environment during their normal wakefulness, when drunk, when on drugs or even when asleep.

Social effects on soldiers can be defined as the behavioral cues and expectations within the soldiers' society. This sociological phrase has been defined as the convention used by a group for inappropriate and appropriate beliefs, values, behaviors and attitudes. These effects can also be described as habitual rules of performance that coordinate their relations with others in the camps or the public domain. (Axelrod, 87) Soldiers come to know where and when it is appropriate to use certain words, say certain things, discuss certain topics, and when not to. They also come to be acquainted with, through experience, what types of people they cannot or can discuss certain issues with.

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Spiritually, a soldier must comprehend that he, like everyone else, is separated from God. The gulf dividing them is both deep and wide. The Bible emphasizes this stark reality as in the book of Romans where it says that all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory. (Romans 3:23) Individual repentance, which simply means an alteration in mind and way of living, is very essential in the process of transformation for a soldier.

Families affect soldiers' morals in different ways. The deployment-related moving needs of families affect the way soldiers behave in camps. Soldiers deal with the pressure of parting since when one parent is deployed, the other has to run all the errands. In some cases, both parents are dispatched, meaning that they have to arrange for a custodian to take care of their children. (Greg, M, 2007) For the whole family, anxiety, depression, and sadness often persist when one member is deployed elsewhere and more often than not, families are revealed to be living in familial neglect caused by despair, with their homes in dismay. Such problems should be solved by constant communication during deployment. Soldiers and their families should communicate on almost a daily basis to keep them in touch. (Greg, 2007)

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