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This is an article of what seems to be three stories in one. It is a story about a grandfather who went through the difficult times of warfare, poverty, not to mention being named a counter-revolutionary, his son who went through the tough childhood of dealing with the consequences of a man being named a counter-revolutionary i.e. not playing with other children, being denied a chance to go to school etc. and a grandson who was educated but was willing to bring change to his family by educating all his siblings and the community at large.

The irony is that as there is said to be revolution in the rural area, the people are not ready to accept the revolution. Chen Zhixian, who is Chen Dongfang (grandson) sister, was denied a chance to learn because the school administration said that she was too old. The teachers teaching the students do not have the passion and the will to teach the students as they do it out of obligation. All this has contributed to the children complaining that their teachers do not love them. The poverty in the families has also made it difficult for the families to take all their children to school since most families have many children but little income.

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The gap between Chinese cities and villages is larger today than before since the government has done little in trying to improve the living standards of the people in the rural areas. The giving of preferential treatment to some areas has greatly affected other areas which need equal attention and treatment. Illiteracy in the rural areas has also greatly contributed to the gap difference as they are forced to mostly depend on farming which depends on how good a season is going to be.

How come you are not divorced yet?

During the 1980s and the 1990s, divorce levels increased a little bit more than before. Though it was not completely in the open, people were slowly accepting it. From time immemorial, women have been known to be under the authority of the husbands. Most women were just married off just by the mare arrangement of parents from both sides. This was mostly due to illiteracy and the high poverty levels. In the 1990s, people got more education and so they were able to make more informed decisions and therefore choose for themselves partners.

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Education also made the people get better jobs hence they were able to eliminate some levels of poverty. It also made them walk away from the traditions that brought more pain than happiness. Women were able to gather the courage to leave abusive marriages though very few had the strength to do this. As time passes, there are more and more changes being observed

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