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Perception is the process of attaining awareness of sensory information and is one of the most advanced fields in psychology. It refers to the interpretation of what we take in through our senses that is seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. Our perception of the environment in which we live is what differentiates us from each other and from animals. Human beings are adaptive creatures and are curious to know what is happening around them. Sensations help people to know that there are objects in the world around them, while perception helps to interpret what they are, their location and what they are doing. Perceptions and sensations connect human brains to the environment around them and help them to form mental images of reality. There are two types of consciousness that are significant concerning perception which are phenomenal and psychological. Phenomenal consciousness refers to any incident that is visible and physical, while psychological consciousness means being aware of one's environment without hindrance from illness or drugs. This kind of awareness is not entirely of external events but also of ones feelings and mental events.

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Perception is important not only in psychology but also in organizational developments. In psychology it has proved important especially in the treatment of schizophrenic patients. Schizophrenics' visual stimuli is normally altered so instead of a continuous sensory input pattern, theirs is random and segmented which causes turmoil and anxiety. People perceive others, things and situations in different ways. Perception is one of the most important aspects of the communication process which is a key factor in most organizations. In organizations, most peoples' actions are guided by what they perceive as the truth and not the truth itself. This is based on the situations that they find themselves in, the people involved and their perceptions towards those people. Their decisions may be biased or taken when the person is under pressure, and may not necessarily be right. Employees should therefore learn to put aside their own personal perceptions aside and concentrate on the organizational goals regardless of their personal issues. This does not mean they cannot give an opinion; it just means that personal preferences and perceptions may not necessarily align with the organization's hence the need for moderation.

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There are various kinds of perceptions, for example visual perception and auditory perception. Visual perception refers to the ability to interpret information and the environment from the effects of visible light that is light that can be detected by the human eye. Auditory perception refers to the ability to identify and understand sounds through the ears in the form of vibrations traveling through the air or other substances. The ear detects such vibrations and then converts them to nerve impulses which are sent to the brain for interpretation.

In all kinds of perceptions, different organisms respond differently to the same sensation. Some organisms for instance can distinguish a wide range of colors while in others color vision is limited. There also people who have hearing problems and have difficulties hearing quiet sounds or very high pitches. While some of these problems maybe medically treated, some of these traits are not curable such as color blindness. All the same, the field of perception has been crucial in detecting and treating perception related ailments such as poor eyesight, hearing and nerve problems, all of which are related to the brain.

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