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Relationship Type

A relationship type is any meaningful association between or among different entity types (Dwyer, 2000). Types of relationships are derived from associations between entities of different types. This paper highlights various issues about a romantic relationship, which falls under survival relationship type. In this type of relationship, involved entities feel that they cannot do without each other. Therefore, choices made by the involved parties are utterly undiscriminating and out of emotional starvation (Reis & Sprecher, 2009). This implies that involved entities cannot manage to be separate, and they will do anything to ensure that they are together. Such relationships are dangerous in the sense that some people may start believing that they are nothing without the other and vice versa. The modes of survival associated with this type of relationship are emotional and physical, and may include doing things like paying bills, eating, and sleeping together.

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It is rare to find any effect of gender on these relationships because they are between men and women. However, there are exceptions where same sex relationships could be romantic and for survival purposes. Ethnicity does not have a significant effect on these types of relationship because when it comes to survival, especially in romantic issues, people would disregard many things like ethnicity. Therefore, similar ethnic backgrounds could even make such relationships stronger because the entities involved feel freer.

A positive relationship with regard to a romantic survival relationship is marriage. According to Gable & Reis (2010, 183), people may come together in order to support one another emotionally and physically and end up in marriage. This is positive because they may also have kids together, establish a family, and go ahead to live together as husband and wife. On the other hand, a negative relationship could emanate from similar settings. For instance, people may date for some time just because the economy is tough, and end up having a family if the relationship turns romantic. However, they eventually separate probably because they were not in love. This is negative because the kids from such associations are exposed to a world they would not go for, if allowed to choose.

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