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Suicide Problem

Suicide problem is notrarein many societies today. Many individualsfinddifferent ways to cope withpressureencountered in life. Some individuals have found themselves involved in various hobbies in order totaketheir minds off from worries. However, not all people cangeta safe and healthy way to manage stress,hencemaking most peopleturninto drugs, and substance abuse, and for others, they resort into committing suicide. This paper focuses on suicide problem, the causes andmeasurefor protection. Many people have found that therealityto deal with suicide is not easy, hence; theydesignstrategies to cope with pressures of life.


Most suicide occurs when an individual terminates hislife. Suicidedeaths only forms part of suicide problem. Mostpeoplesurvivesuicide death, hence; become seriously injured and needs medical attention (Miller M, et al, 34). Some victims of suicideproblemfeel uncomfortable when talking about suicide. Some peopleleavetheir family members devastated after suicide attempts, whereas, others often blamed. There arevariousways in which suicide affect health. Suicide bydefinitionis highlyfatal. Individuals, whoattempttheactandeventuallysurvive, suffer injuries such as fractures, damage to the brain, and organ failure (Huffine 45). Furthermore, people who survive theattemptof suicidemostlysuffer from depression, and otherassociatedmentalproblems. Suicide problem has caused enormous medical expenses and increased lost wages in most communities.

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Suicide is atragicoccurrence, anextremelyunusualactthat evokespowerfulemotions. It has made many medical practitioners; social workers, psychologists, lawyers, as well as, renaissance men to try toinvestigatefactors that lead to suicide. All these effortsare donetofindthecriticalfactors thatcauseand that may reduce the incidence of suicide. This paper discusses suicide problem, reasons for suicide, and possible measures of protection to reduce suicide problem. The causative factors that lead to suicide are extraordinarilycomplicatedand diverse (Maria, et al. 2). The moral stance of a society influences a person’sinclinationto implement the act of committing suicide. There are varying viewpoints between different groups of people on the issue. A supportive group treats suicide as a noble act, hence; have high incidences of suicide.Adifferentgroupthat condemns theactview suicide as a criminal act.Thus, the question of the responsibility of theactitselfis linkedto a society’s view on the act. Thisresponsibilityis composedofmoral,publicand legal obligations.

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In this study, the possible question is toseekto understand whether the responsibility should be the deceased, or the medical or paramedical personnel, who should be charged with theresponsibilityfor not recognizing the causes, and not preventing the act itself. Emphasis should be made on anapproachthat is professionally cultural,publicand legal, to prevent an individual’s responsibility for one’s own decisions. This should include theresponsibilityof self destruction that will prevent a moral judgment to criticize thedeceased. The aforementioned may reduce suicide problem seen with aneutralapproach that foregoes the deceased personal responsibility (Lubin, et al. 364).

Background to the problem

Suicide is a problem because it kills more than 35,000 peopleyearly.In addition, more than 380,000 people who suffer harm they cause to their bodies, and treated in emergency facilitiesyearly.Many people are at risk to the suicide problem. It affects everyone. However, there are certain individuals who are at higher risks than others. According to a recent survey, ithas been observedthat men are four times more likely than women to die from suicide. Furthermore, ithas been notedthat, three times more women than men report attempted suicide. Consequently, suicidal acts are highly prevalent among middle aged and older adults (Kachur 30).

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Empirical literature

Suicide incidences occur in all countries. However, there are countries that suicide problem is extremely high such as Korea. In 2009, Korea recorded one of the highest rates in the world. It recorded more than 22 cases of suicidal deaths per 100,000 people. This is ahighfigure compared to 18 deaths per 100,000 for the OECD member countries. Itwas notedthat, suicide rates in South Korea increased at a higher rate, even though the rate reduced in most other developing nations. The suicide rates recorded among the South Korean males tripled in 1990 to 2006.

There is a weakening social integration in Korea that has contributed to the erosion of traditional family supportbase, particularly for the elderly, thishas been coupledby a changing economy over much of the period.The high suicide rates in Koreahas been attributedto the social changes that Korea’sfasteconomicdevelopment.This has led to people’sculturedid not adapting to them. Thesocietyis tiedin rural traditions coupled with Confucian family values, having threegenerationoccupying the same roof. Despite therichesin Korea, social structures have broken down, leading to smaller families, rising living standards, competition for lucrative jobs, as well as, increased substanceuse. The suicide problemis also linkedto the concept of‘han’, a stoicism tied to anger feelings of anger andimportancethat is on the rise as the situations cannot be altered. The concept of‘han’is linkedto depression,hencemaking Koreans get a lot of frustrations and becomehopelessandgiveup to consider taking rational choices such cultural traits may be increased by the stigma that most Koreansattachto metal illness. In Korea, suicide ranks fourth among death causes in the country.Most factors leading to high suicide rates in South Koreaismoreacutein the country’s younger generation who are fond of watching movies.Hence, watching at celebrities who have committee suicide in Korea is a contributing factor to the increased suicideproblemrates.

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Causes of suicide

There are many factors that canleadanindividualat risk for attempted suicide. However, having the risk factors does not mean that suicide will alwaysoccur. Risk factors include; previous attempts, history associated with depression or other mental illness. Drug and substance abuse, history of the family of suicide or violence, physical illness, and thefeelingof loneliness.

Three topics that have provided anidentityto suicide include the variable that make up different rates, self destructivecharacter, and various methods that people use to commit the act. Suicide affectscivilization.Hence; identifying the prevalence of suicide among various members of a society, most researchers have analyzed suicide rates in terms of a number of variables.These variables include; age, sex, gender,raceas well as, geographical location.

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The second variable to suicide rates is sex. However, the contribution of genderdifferencetoexistamong the clinical risk factors associated with the suicide problem is unknown. However, among men withconsiderabledepressive episodes, hostility, aggression, and the history of alcohol and substance abuse have increased risk offuturesuicidal behavior. On the other hand, ithas been recognizedthat, depressive symptoms, among the childhood history of abuse, fewer reasons for living, coupled with borderline personality disorder have increased in depressed women.

There are psychiatric disorders that are risk factors for suicide problem Individual who have diagnosable psychiatricdisorderhave been notedto be risk for committing suicide.According to American Foundation for suicide prevention, more than 90% of attempted suicidesare committedby individuals who suffer from psychiatric illness. These illnessesare associatedwithsubstantialdepression, posttraumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia, among others. When combined with substance abuse, these illnesses may subject anindividualto a risk, since the victims may be feelingsad, worthless, guilty, hence; using drugs andsubstancemayfurtherdisruptthe ability to makecriticaldecisions toreachout forappropriatehelp (Moscicki 45).

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Other possible factor leading to the suicide problem is thehistoryof an individual of suicide attempts, or the family history of suicide. Ithas been observedthat among individuals who complete suicide; approximately 20% to 50% has a history of suicide attempts. In addition, individuals who have family members who have attempted or completed suicide are at a higher risk suicide problem. Those who have family members who have committed suicide mayviewsuicide as a betteroptionto cope with a crisis of stressor problems. Such individuals may have genetic predispositions towards psychiatric illness.

Suicide may also vary by geographiclocationwith more populous areas having higher rates of suicide problems.For instance, greater access to firearms in urban areas canmakevictims have access to deadly weapons to use in committing the act. In rural areas, there is a lower population density andlittleavailability of resources for mental healthcare (Shumer 23). Race is also another variable that leads to suicide problem rates. Ethnic groups have varying rates of suicide, forinstancehigher suicide rates isprevalentamong the American Indians, and non Hispanic whites in America, whereas, the lowest rates occur among Hispanics. According to CDC, thegroupthat has recorded the highest rates of completed suicide are white men who are over 60 years (CDC).

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