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Nurture and Nature

Personality is the mental organization of a human being in the entire development stages. It comprises of all types of human character, which include morality, emotions, skill, motives temperament, intellect and attitudes build up in the course of every human life. It concerns to whether a person is energetic or apathetic, happy or sad, smart or dull (Hockenbury, 2009).

The nature and nurture plays an important role in molding the personality of a person. Nature involves the biological factors and genetic make up of a person, while nurture is all about the environment surrounding the bringing up of a person and by whom. The way a person inherits some physical characteristic from a biological parent such as height and color, also mental characteristics and traits like certain mental disorders are also transferred. (Hockenbury, 2009).

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A research carried out about intelligence of identical twins, looked at twins not only raised together but those nurtured apart, to determine whether or not some certain traits are biological or it evolve in the environment and the raising up of the twins. The research showed that genetic factors influence intelligence to a greater extent. Studies reveal that twins of all kinds and their biological siblings have similar intelligence. The way in which an individual is nurtured and raised also influences intelligence, a research was carried on a young man who encouraged his parents to read newspapers each day hence, boosting their intelligence. This means that an individual’s natural characteristics can be improved by environment (Hockenbury, 2009).

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Children can also inherit personality traits from their parents, for instance, if a very outgoing, social person has a child, there is a high probability that the child will have the same traits.. Similarly, the environment in which a person is nurtured also influences one’s personality. For instance, if a kid is brought up by an alcoholic father, the child is likely to be alcoholic when he grows up (Hockenbury, 2009).

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