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Choice Theory and Trait Theory

Choice theory and trait theory are at opposite ends of the theoretical spectrum. According to Glasser (1998), traits theory explains that people are born with inherited traits (p 24). Some people are born leaders. There is a family that all members are leaders because it is inborn. This explains the theory that is used in India that some people are born superior and will remain superior and those born from some families are forever remaining inferior. Early research on leadership put much attention on the traits of successful leaders. This theory explains that a person cannot acquire perfect qualities of good leaders. Someone may be trained as leaders but will never be as competent as one born a leader. This theory gives detailed facts of leadership aspect. However there is a long list of traits of good leader that makes it hard to choose the perfect leader as there are different requirements of various leaderships.

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Choice theory on the other hand explains that a person chooses on how to behave. Information may be provided to an individual but has an option of choosing what he or she wants. The way one thinks and acts is a choice; which will affect his physiology indirectly. According to Ewen (2003) this theory further contradicts with the trait theory by stating that a leader is made and not born. Everyone can be subjected to training and become a good leader when they choose to. It is a matter of choosing to be a successful or unsuccessful leader. There are people who are born as leaders but they may choose not to be good leaders. The necessary skills which are vital for leadership may be acquired by everyone who is interested in that field.

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