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“A More Perfect Union

The author of this text arranges his argument from the beginning of the American continent and the principles through which the founders started the constitution. In these first paragraphs, the theme of freedom and independence, as well as, courage is built. It is the audacity of the founding fathers to think they can create a nation against so much adversity. He builds this theory suggesting that they had an ideal of fighting for a country that would aspire to freedom from everyone when it was sullied by slavery (Obama, 2008).This is the second theme and he explains how slavery blinded the country setting it back through war and conflict, as well as, misguided principles. There is a theme of racism, in which, he denounces the statements people have made during the campaign, and even people close to him such as the reverend Wright. These statements were in favor of the candidate, but still appeared racist in the eyes of people.

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This led to the theme of family where he states that even though he disagrees with the terms of the reverend he cannot disown him as he was like a family member. However, he does agree that there was damage that still appears today from racism, in lagging development in the black community. However, he continues to declare that there is hope for the future. Based on the different backgrounds that people from the country come from, and the history that it has suffered, one can expect there is hope for a perfect union in the future by his election. He goes on to illustrate the background through which he comes from and it is bearing to the diversity that the country needs at the time for the presidency.

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The main thesis for this article is that America needs a presidential candidate that would relate to all cultures and races within the continent and who would not be biased to any minority. Thus, the best candidate in this case would be him. He comes from a diverse background; he is a minority nonetheless and has top-notch education. This comes in when addressing the future of a perfect union brought by his election to office. He is a herald of a time in the country that would signify change in the right direction.

This draws connection to other readings whereby a future speech at the election victory of the author bore similar themes. In the election night, victory speech in Illinois, in 2008, Obama addressed the public in a similar manner (Obama, 2008). He states that this night was a night to remember because it proved that anything was possible in America still bearing similar concept to the first Americans when they gained hope and fought against impossible odds. Further still, the possibility of his election victory was a corollary to the persecutions shown in the first speech where he outlined from the themes of slavery and the possibility of his background. In this case, the theme of unity is heavily expressed in the article stating his representing of diverse cultures as it is when he expresses his win as a victory for all cultures. There are number of benefits that the author expresses in his reading such as the hope of unity and peace, as well as, progress. Thus, his statement in this speech was perpetuated in his victory speech explaining the hope had come to a reality for a perfect union.

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There are limitations, however, to the first speech. Some of them may not be apparent until they are experienced later on. The truth of the matter is that the plight of the black race in racism may have been over emphasized with good reason as the author is black American and there are other races that have not been illustrated. These include the Asian and Hispanic races that experienced trouble during the decades of civil rights. The other races ought to be seen and there bad experiences should be announced. The unity relations were also utopian in a sense as other candidates could also rise to the occasion in the same manner. The problem is not the promises that he may have made, but the realization of those promises is improbable at best.

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