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Chronos Film Review

Chronos is an audio-visual (visual-music) movie directed by Ron Fricke. It portrays the world’s beauty with outstanding content. The movie it contains images of great places on earth. It has no actor or dialogue. It has a soundtrack of excellent single music composed by Michael Stearns.  Chronos is greatly underrated, that is, it is not for all people because most of it is art though it has a positive impact in that it shows the worlds beauty. It was filmed in a number of areas in five continents. The film’s name originated from ancient Greek word xpovoc, khronos meaning time. Today, it turns out to be a major source of time.

            Chronos movie was done in the United States with great care, consistency and choice of great of music with first collaboration of Ron Frickeas as the director and cinematographer, Mark Magidson as the producer, Michael Stearns composed music and Alton Walpole's did the editing. Later it was written by Constantine and Genevieve. It was released first in IMAX theaters with Custom built time lapse cameras. It is a movie that is almost entirely done in time lapse photography. It has a celestial and timeless score.

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            Time is the major concept of the film. Moving through various scales, it covers civilization history, from Egypt’s pre- history to Rome, late Antiquity to Western Europe, Renaissance to the Modern era .The Theme is European but not exclusively. It involves dropping time lapses, Passing of seasons, day and night and shadows of sunrises in an afternoon of people in the streets and shadow lights. There is the use several symbolisms. Chronos uses themes of technology as the culprits. The content covers how the subject is shown other than the subject itself. Baraka comes from time lapse concepts, techniques and sequences.

            The film has a dreamy aerial view of Mont-St-Michel’s changing tide that’s incredible with excellent music, with accelerated scenes of people moving just like animals portrayed while moving fast. It is one of the best footage of Stonehenge without the worrying chain fencing, monument valley and Pompeii. There are shots inside buildings that are incredible especially the moving beams of sunlight. It can be described as a great film in its own right, done in time lapse photography that is intercut with dragging desolate landscapes.  

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            Chronos style is shared with koyaanisgatsi film that was created in 1983 as well as films sacred site (1992). Ron Fricke was the cinematographer in both. It had a movement control system for the films special impact of which the system was used by the director for his other films that he later produced. While Michael Stearns soundtrack was obtained from an instrument that is known as earth toned Beam.  These produced the various sounds that he was to use. Funds for Chronos were obtained from the seed money obtained from  the  publicity involving the production of koyaanisgatsi


            Chronos is a remarkable film that shows the significance of time going through various scales while showing the planets beauty. The film was done with a lot of care and consistency using very special instruments that produced great results.

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