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In this paper peculiarities of such types of motivation as a sense of purpose and the pursuit of money are disclosed and interpreted in order to claim what sort of motivation is the most influential on people’s ability to attain the best results at work. The conducted study has elucidated that people genuinely do their best work when they are motivated by a sense of purpose rather than the pursuit of money. In view of the above, it should be conceded that there exists a large quantity of various scientific approaches in respect of motivation. According to Latham, a sense of purpose should be juxtaposed with the goal-setting theory. The goal-setting theorists tend to ascertain that every work requires actions and the most effective performance depends on comprehensiveness of the goals. Also, as to Cameron, each kind of rewards makes negative impact on intrinsic motivation. Analysis of cognitive evaluation theory and attribution approach to rewards demonstrated that the author is correct and money really affects intrinsic motivation negatively. Contrary to Cameron, Rynes, Gerhart and Minnette consider money a fairly important and undeniable motivator because payment is supposed to be helpful in reaching virtually any level on Maslow’s motivational hierarchy. According to Houran and Kefgen, money plays a very crucial role regarding task performance by employees. The researchers substantiate their statement with the results of a meta-analysis illustrating that most of employees are better motivated to perform their tasks with the help of monetary rewards. Furthermore, Adeogun represents a rather profound research fixed in her dissertation. According to the scientist, the thesis that “people work primarily for money” is a myth. As to Adeogun, money is not the predominant motivation because human beings work for many other reasons: happiness, pleasure, contribution to society, acceptance etc. Money is only deemed an undeniable part of the work-motivation relationships. In the final analysis, it should be concluded that a sense of purpose is more universal and ubiquitous motivation which makes performance of tasks clearer and better.

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