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Sultan’s Dream and A Room of One’s Own

Of the three stories, Sultan’s Dream and A Room of One’s Own are the most powerful stories that deal with different positions of women and men in the society. In the Sultan’s Dream, it is evident that women can accomplish tasks amazingly in leadership and technology once they are given opportunity. All men in Ladyland perform indoor chores which are usually performed by women in most societies. This is to show that men are ashamed because they cannot perform well in both leadership and technology as their female counterparts. Although men despised women’s efforts in various fields, women finally defeated them including protecting Ladyland from enemies by use of advanced technology. Women could trap sun energy and make use of it during the day and night for various purposes including cooking food. They also trapped water from the atmosphere which they used for irrigation. The other society in Sultan’s Dream is characterized by male chauvinism.

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The society that is represented in A Room of One’s Own is a male dominated society. Women are denied a chance of going to school and therefore it becomes hard to exhibit various talents such as producing literature works of their own. William Shakespeare is a renowned playwright because he was allowed by his father to go to school. Judith was likely to do well in drama and other literature works if her father was willing to take her to school. If women are allowed an opportunity to go to school, it is likely that they can do better than their male counterparts.

Therefore, in A Room of One’s Own women are always ashamed because of their identity in the society just like men are ashamed in Sultan’s Dream particularly in the society Ladyland. In A Room of One’s Own women have not been given opportunity to express their talents, while in Sultan’s Dream men were given a chance to show their capabilities but unfortunately they could not be able to perform effectively.

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