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The author John Updike’s approach and his style of narration at the supermarket reflect our real life when he brings out the whole picture of the store, describing the appearance of the girls in half-naked clothes perfectly than it could be in another setting. This shows that we should not be judgmental when it comes to issues that really concern us. For instance, in Sammy’s case when he showed disinterest in the way the women were dressed when his boss Lengel was around, while truth of the matter he was interested in the whole drama as it unfolded. Attention spices up the story because we realize Sammy’s feelings towards the three women. This is an uncommon scenario, which begs the question ‘What was in Sammy’s mind when he did this action?’

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The writer’s perspective about Sammy’s character is not fully revealed, though he portrays Sammy as an inquisitive person who supports his thoughts, whether they seem to be positive or negative. Apparently, we get to learn his behaviors even more when its clearly shown how he concentrates on the girls, than how he attended on his chores at the supermarket. He is a typical man in a society, where there are full of immoral deeds. He disregards the respect for women and has little concern on the societal norms. The way he carried out himself is not admirable as it reveals how dirty his mind was fantasizing about the girls and probably sex. The act of staring the girls in that manner made him less heroic instead, he was just struggling to get attention from them. The “her” in this story’s character is not good as it is portrayed to be, as she always thinks about love and never get satisfied.

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The exposition in the story is cited out clearly in the first three paragraphs and partly the fourth paragraph, when Sammy is seated at the counter and the three girls walk in and attracts his attention by their dress codes, which were bikinis. Sammy admires them and goes ahead describing how they appeared, preferring the queen to be the most elegant of all. The portrayal of Queenie in the story is for the readers to understand her behaviors well and the way she is connected to Sammy and how they react to the boss in the story. Indeed in the end, Sammy shows his selfish character and his lustful deeds. It is evident that he is greedy and cannot consider the respect for any woman.

As the story begins to flow, there is an obvious change in Sammy and his feelings towards the girls. In his first glance, he is amazed just by seeing them and the way they were dressing. He finds himself describing them and one thing leads to another. He even ignores when his boss was addressing him and all he did was to concentrate on the girls. From then, he became interested in their moves as they walk around the supermarket, coming close to them and eventually, he was attracted to Queenie.

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The dramatic conflict becomes clear when the girls start creating a scene, which resulted to delaying other customers who had qued waiting to be served. Sammy’s mind was sunk into the girls forgetting that the people standing, had run out of patience. This is a common phenomenon for men, who have little respect for others. The fact that this is in public has very little meaning to Sammy. The story climaxes when the girls are embarrassed by the Lengel, Sammy’s boss on their way out of the store, leading to his decision of quitting the job.

Sammy’s decision of quitting the job aroused when his manager, confronted the girls in front of other customers publicly on how they were conducting themselves in a way of distracting others, especially by their dress code. According to him, this was a public place and respect had to be accorded, by ensuring that the dress cord could not attract and distract the attention of others. He then became furious of his boss’ actions and surrendered the job. The reason behind this was to impress Queenie whom he was interested in her, together with her colleagues.

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In the story, Sammy shows the signs of helping the girls from the first day he meets them. This is evident in the story, when the special connection he has with them is clearly shown right from the beginning. The body language they portrait to each other and the way Sammy was into Queenie is obvious that he could support them. This is even shown at the end of the story when he leaves his job just because of them. The reader is left wondering whether the intentions of Sammy are genuine or not. Is it lustful, or he really wants to develop a relationship, which would possibly lead to long-term relationship?

Finally from this statement; "Everything will be harder….hear after” expressed by Sammy meant, Sammy had mixed thoughts running in his mind as to why he decided to abandon his job, and if that was the correct path and the consequences, he was meditating on his next move. He was also reflecting on the life that was awaiting him and how he was going to handle and help his family, whom they had depended on him for help.

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In “A Rose for Emily,” story, the statement ‘the strand of hair on a pillow is grey,’ means Emily was alone at the time when death came her way. It also simplifies the changing times when she died at an old age and the fact that her hair’s color was iron gray. Alternatively, it could symbolize that she had been lying with the corpse in the past days. The unnamed character in this story may be people in the plot, who are expressing their own experience and what they were speaking referring to miss Emily’s state and what she was going through.

Then narrator’s point of view in telling the story “A Rose for Emily” is better when contrasted to John Updike’s narration of first person point of view because it makes the story more incomprehensible, and complicated for the reader to understand what exactly was going in miss Emily’s mind. This leaves the choice for the reader to decide on what they think about her or their point of view in relation to her story.

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The foreshadowing of the discovery of Homer Barron’s body that is cited earlier in the story when she bought poison from the pharmacist and did not inform the chemist attendant the purpose of the poison. Her body shape also changed when Homer could not be found. This also provided some clues. My experience in reading this story is that the storyline is not so obvious, it is not boring, though it had, foreshadows which slightly gave a hint on what could happen. I was eager to reach the final paragraph to get the full content of the story.

The contrast expressed by the narrator between the changing reality and Miss Emily’s tactics of dealing with them is that, Emily in the first place denied being part of the changes that were taking place around her, including vital proceedings that were going on where she was. For instance, when her dad passed on, she refused to accept the fact that he had died and that it was part of nature. Another issue is the idea of her refusing to participate in activities like paying taxes believing that, when that important man in her life died ten years ago, no other person permitted her to do so. From these actions, it was clear that miss Emily was undergoing hardships in dealing with the reality.

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