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Black Panther Party

The party promoted the concept of self-defense for the black people. This was perceived as a major positivity. The Black Panther Party agitated for the protection of its people from oppression. Therefore, it attracted many people who felt that it had come to their rescue. It made sure that the Black peoples’ rights are fairly addressed and implemented. Its self-defense policy in attempts to help the black people meant that the government considered everyone’s security vital and set out to protect all citizens. Racial discrimination and injustices against the blacks could easily be dealt with under the self-defense policy. Self-defense promotion was vital for the blacks as well as to the civil rights movement because cases could be reported easily. It also ensured that they got a fair share of the national cake. Matters of security in black settlements were also looked into, and the blacks could defend themselves.

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It promoted the principle of service to the people. This was majorly referred to as mass organizing technique. The party prioritized the needs of the black people and was motivated to serve them to their satisfaction. Through this principle, the party set in place community based programs such as food for everyone. This ensured the blacks had access to food despite the discrimination they were facing. In addition, it promoted community clothing, which meant people had access to clothing. The basic needs were addressed in the attempt, to protect the blacks. The party also eased the efforts of the civil rights movement of fighting for equality because this policy helped organize and attract more followers. People were also taught on matters such as self-reliance and were motivated to go out and work for prosperity because their rights were being catered for.

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It led to the emergence of national revolutionary ideologies among the black community and civil rights movements. The party was revolutionary in nature and fostered the policy of equality in the society. It promoted socialist ideas in the US to ensure the entire society was at par in development. It rejected the capitalist world that only catered for the rights of the Whites. This was a more positive achievement because it enabled blacks realize their potential in the achievement of national goals. They were as capable as the Whiteman was. Civil rights organizations also found it easier to agitate for fairness among the blacks.

On the negative side, the party wrote negatively about Whites, which cultivated animosity. It attempted to promote African liberation through abusive publications. This fanned the enmity between Blacks and Whites. The Whites were not happy with the abuses against them. Thus, fairness efforts were sabotaged because of the abuse manner in which the entire issue was addressed. The publications included abuses such “they are all devils” in reference to Whites. There was a perception that Blacks were against Whites, and there was no need to forgive them. This promoted atrocities and discrimination of Blacks in the US.

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It tended to promote dogmatism among the people and civil rights authorities. The past success it had achieved formed the ground for promotion of dogmatic ideas. The party tried to force people and civil rights authorities to adhere to its rules and ideas. It developed the feeling that everything that it imposed among the people was correct and needed to be observed. The civil rights movements were also made to believe that all the party’s attempts were headed towards the right direction and needed to be put into consideration when addressing equality in the country. Dogmatism was a negative practice because it led to unimaginable feelings. Most people were against this and refused to support the party any more.

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