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Media in a Global Age

This is a summary of the article “Worship at the Altar of Convergence: A New Paradigm for Understanding Media Change”. The article is about participatory culture, media convergence and collective intelligence. This is used for support of cooperation between multiple media industries and how the media audiences migrate. The article articulates on the abuse of audience and use of images for publications while they are from another media company. The authored has termed it a san international controversy when the images of Ignacio were used all over the world and in some cases even in commercial media.

Use of convergence has been articulated to mean how content crosses multiple media platforms and how the audiences would migrate to different media industries in search of any entertaining information. It is evident that every story get to be told as every brand is being sold. This is evident on how Bert is Evil images travelled throughout the world from the protestors captured at CNN to almost all media houses and the internet.

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Such circulation of media content across different media systems is promoted by consumers active participation as they search for the story which will entertain them. Therefore convergence do occur by support of the consumers through social interactions as opposed to media appliances despite of how complicated it might seem to be.

Due to advancement of technology mobile phones is actually the main process of media convergence due to the multimedia functions incorporated in the phone which enable consumers share information within their social circles. The digital revolution has really boosted media convergence and it would soon dominate the industry as many people use the mobile phones as a source of information. The technological role in media convergence is inevitable; hence it’s high time we get use to media convergence.

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