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Coca Cola and Guinness Advertisements

An advertisement is a paid announcement in print, electronic, and communication media aimed at attracting customers towards the intended products and services. Companies all over the globe dedicate enormous financial resources towards advertising their products as this helps them create brand loyalty. There have been tremendous changes in the world of advertising because of the stiff competition in the market. Coca cola and Guinness advertisements are among the world’s best because of the large amount of resources invested in ensuring their success.

This essay explicates Coca cola and Guinness advertisements with the focus on their similar strategies in marketing their products.

The Coca Cola Company aired its advertisement on television in January 2007 to promote its Coca cola soft drink. This was one of the best advertisements aired at that time. It is believed that enormous cash, time end human resources were dedicated towards making it success. The Coca cola advertisement had a wide coverage and was open to every audience regardless of age and gender. The main point that was used to reinforce the advertisement is that Coca cola is an all season soft drink that has the capacity for refreshing people. In order to boost understandability, the advertisement was aired in clear language that was favorable to every audience. In an effort to establish brand loyalty, the slogan, “Live on the Coke side of life” was used. The slogan was tailored at making Coca cola the most desired drinks among all the other soft drinks. This would be achieved through continuous chanting of the slogan, to make sure that consumers do not forget about the drink but consume it in increased amounts. Visual images were also used in the advertisement, to ensure that the information presented in words was reinforced (Hacker and O'Leary, P 150). For instance, individuals enjoying a glass of Coca cola and sports personalities enjoying their game courtesy of Coca cola were used to emphasize the advertisement.

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Guinness advertisement was aired November 2007 to promote one of the bets alcoholic drinks. The advertisement focused on addressing individuals aged over eighteen years. It emphasized that alcohol should only be sold to people who had attained the majority age. Understandability was promoted using simple and comprehensive language. Everyone in the target group was informed that the drink has side effects. This was the most significant part of the Guinness advertisement because of its openness towards the public. In addition, consumers were cautioned against drinking and driving. Through all this, advertisement was aimed at ensuring that Guinness consumers are safe. The most memorable slogan from the advertisement was, “Guinness reach for greatness.” It was used to reinforce the spoken words and win the customer’s loyalty towards the Guinness brand (Hacker and O'Leary, P 175). Moreover, visual images involving various individuals having fun courtesy of Guinness featured in the advertisement, to reinforce the spoken message. Visual images were incorporated to make sure that the advertisement was as memorable as possible.

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These two advertisements are similar because they both employed the same strategies in marketing their commodities. They both use straightforward language that can be comprehended by their target audience hence making sure that the message sinks and brand loyalty attained. Lutz defines the words used in these advertisements as weasel words. Lutz asserts that advertisements tend to tell a consumer that the use of the commodities “is like taking a trip to France.” These are weasel words that both of these advertisements employ to inform the consumer that their products are fantastic just like visiting France. The objective is to attract more consumers to the product. The advertisements are also similar because they use visual images such as sports superstars to emphasize the advertised message. They both employ slogans to make their products memorable among consumers who ultimately maintain the brand loyalty.

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On the others hand, the advertisements differ in the content they deliver to their consumers. This is because they are promoting two different drinks. Guinness is an alcoholic drink while Coca cola is a soft drink. The Guinness advertisement informs its customer that excessive consumption of the drink would pose harmful health effects. On the other hand, Coca cola advertisement emphasizes on the refreshing nature of the drink. In Lutz’s weasel words, Coca cola “Helps you feel refreshed.” The weasel words in the Coca cola advertisement are used to highlight the quality of the drink. The simple nature of the weasel words attracts more consumers who would also want to be refreshed by consuming the drink. The others significant distinction between two advertisements is that Guinness is selective in its target group it only targets individuals with majority age of eighteen and above. The Coca cola advertisement, on the other hand, addresses everyone as its audience irrespective of age and gender.

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In conclusion, the Coca cola and Guinness advertisements were among the best advertisements aired on television. They are similar because they employ similar strategies in increasing the marketability of their commodities. They both use ordinary language that can be interpreted by their respective target groups. Slogans are also used as reinforcing instruments in both advertisements to create brand loyalty. On the other hand, they differ in the content they present to their audience. The Guinness advertisement presents to its consumers the view that it is an alcoholic drink and excessive consumption would lead to harmful health effects. Coca cola advertisement presents that view that Coca cola is the most refreshing soft drinks.

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