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Serial Killing

Serial killing is the illegal murder of at least two people carried out in a series over a period. The person who undertakes the murders is referred to as a serial killer and s always motivated by psychological problems. It is believed that a normal individual cannot participate in such blood-chilling event unless there is a sudden change in psychological operations. Serial killers always have certain behaviors in common and have a common, ultimate goal that would satisfy them. Investigations at times indicate that the least expected members of the society carry out serial killings. They are mostly individuals believed to be innocent and easy going. Serial murder is a crime that has been in existence from time immemorial and still raises unanswered questions to the criminal justice department and psychology.

This paper explicates common serial murder profiles and serial murderers in relation to their module operandi and behaviors.

There are commonly held profiles of serial killers. These are the common, identifiable characteristics among most serial killers. According to research, most serial killers have experienced medical problems at some point in their lives. These rank them as insane individuals and always select groups they intend to murder. Serial killers have relationships, and this gives them an open opportunity to impersonate. They stand out and act in a friendly manner but with a hidden agenda of killing. The childhood history indicates that most serial killers were bedwetters.

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Research asserts that a serial killer would always appear as a normal individual whose neighbors and friends can never associate with such inhuman actions. He is a friendly individual leading a normal life and free with other members. The profiles indicate that serial killers execute these activities without any specific objective such as the need for money. They rather kill others for fun as part of their lives. According to research, majority of the serial killers are individuals aged between the ages of 25 to 30 years. This is the common, identifiable age bracket among most individuals arrested and identified as serial murderers.

Individuals mostly kill people from their own races. The intention for this kind of occurrence is yet to be established by profilers. They perceive this as a sign for non-interference with other races. Holmes & Holmes (2009) point out that most serial killings have a background of cruelty to animals and children. They do not like their childhood days hence, enough reason to hate on the young ones in their societies. Children are one of their targets. Research establishes that serial killers always have a sense of frequent isolation. They want to be left alone in some situations and fear being in close contacts with the rest.

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Common profiles indicate that most serial murderers come from families were they were constantly mistreated at childhood. They carry this feeling to the future and want to retaliate by getting into a killing spree. They also enjoying setting fires and enjoy sites of burning substances. According to research, most individuals arrested for serial murders are profiled as drug addicts after thorough investigation relating to their normal life styles. They murder others with a cooling off period, which is the length of time between the initial killing and the currently executed murder. Research indicates that serial killers mostly target women and children because of the perception that they are weak and easy to deal with.

There are several characteristics relating to historical murders. For instance, the murders occurred at different periods. The numerous historical killings did not take place at one instance. They were rather executed on different dates and separate places. Therefore, the agenda characterizing the separate incidents of murder is separate and not related. The killers gave their victims a cool off point as they looked out for more strategies to bring down other victims. They were in search for secure and hidden places to execute the undesirable action.

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The murders were not committed with an intention of gaining materially but were driven by psychological gratification. Historical murders were based on fantasies as individuals were brutally murdered without any tangible reason. Serial killers were not in need of money or sexual abuse. They executed the murders as a normal occurrence in life. Research asserts that the murderers confessed that they did not want to collect valuables from the victim but just wanted to kill.

The killer and the victim were not related. Research intimates that serial murderers do not go for their relatives in the course of the killings. They would prefer to go outside the family setting and kill individuals elsewhere. Close relatives are not reported in the serial killings committed. This is based on the belief that serial murderers develop a perception that family is significant and have respect for relatives. In addition, they act innocently while, with their families, this reduces the degree of linkage to such activities.

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Criminals have psychiatric and alcoholic problems. Historical serial murders involved individuals with significantly abnormal mindsets. They do not genuinely know what their actions would bring forth. Research asserts that these individuals have had medical attention relating to mental problems at some point in their lifetime. They are individuals constantly involved in drugs and drug abuse. The numerous reported cases of historical murders involved individuals who seemed not to understand their real mentality and their courses of action. In addition, drugs played a critical role in leading to these historical murders.

Most of these characteristics fit in the profiles relating to serial killers. They have similar characteristics that are used to identify all of them. These characteristics highlight that murders are executed on different occasions. This relates to the profiles, which indicate that serial killers carried out their activities at different times and places. In addition, these characteristics fit in the profiles due to the assertion that individuals have had a history relating to the brain and alcoholic problems. According to Holmes & Holmes (2009) the reasons for the execution of the murders are not attached to any material gain. They are simply carried out with the motivation to have fun.

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The characteristics only deviate from the profiles in the explanation that serial murderers are not related to their victims. Profiles indicate that some of the victims preyed upon are close relations. According to research, close relatives would be involved because of the degree of belief in an individual. The unsuspecting nature of relatives and friends would lead them to the murder trap. Close individuals are easily convinced by the killer to follow a certain course. The profiles indicate that serial murderers target members of their races especially women and children due to the belief that they are weak and easy to capture.

Numerous serial murderers have been reported in most countries across the years. For instance, Gilles de Rais was considered by many as nobleman from France. He is one of the highest serial killers recorded in world history. He was a military captain, and this helped attract trust and confidence in him. His modus operandi involved simple steps. He could lure young boys with gifts thus attracting them to go to his residence. On arrival, he mercilessly sodomized and ultimately mutilated them. He ensured that the victims were completely dead before gathering and arranging them according to his desired plan. He would then burn some of the bodies and secretly bury others to hid evidence in cases of investigations.

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Gille’s behavior was so deviant. He was a callous individual who did not care about the welfare of children. These were his main target, and it did not matter to him whether the children had a future to live or not. He mercilessly murders innocent children and tries to conceal evidence by burning and burying the victims. This is so callous and inhumanly of him.

He lacks sexual morality. This is because of the manner in which he attracts the young people into his residence and mercilessly rapes them before committing them to the brutal murder. In addition, he indulges the younger generation in sexual activities. This is not allowed in the society and; therefore, a significant deviation in his sexual morality.

Dennis Rader was an American high profile serial killer. He was born in 1945 and is reported to his committed the serial murders between 1974 and 1991. His modus operandi involved binding, torturing, and killing his victims. He described his victims as his projects. He operated with the assistance of a briefcase that contained all the tools he could use for his murder. He did not want to strain during the operations and; therefore, prepared everything in advance. He moved with the killing objects to all places he went as he awaited the next victim. According to research, he also carried his clothes that would be used to execute the murders in the briefcase. This meant no one could suspect him as being a murderer but just a normal individual going about his duties.

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His mission included luring victims before strangling them until they lost consciousness. He would hang around waiting for them to recover as he monitored them. He strangled them several times until they were near the death point. Research asserts that the actions by victims then aroused him sexually, and he kept looking on as they struggled to recover. He would then ejaculate on the victims clothing as they died. He later wrote several letters the police and the media claiming responsibility in the reported murders.

Rader’s behavior is deviant from the accepted code of conduct. He is rude. It is noted that, after the execution of the murders, he writes a rude letter to the police boosting of the murders. He finds it pleasurable to kill others and does not care. He takes this as a normal practice and rudely writes to the police that he is the one responsible. His behavior deviates from the accepted codes that provide that one show some sense of remorse for such actions. He enjoys killing others after subjecting them to hard tasks. He rudely murders the victims by rudely beating them up as they try to recover.

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He is malicious. Rader exerts extreme malice on his victims. He takes them, as they are not humans and murders them without any show of mercy. He gets excited in the process of murdering others. He tortures his victims up to the ultimate point of their death. According to research, he lures an individual into a bush before strangling him several times. He gets sexually aroused as his victims die. This excites him more, and the final death point makes him ejaculate on the corpse. This deviant behavior is not encouraged in the normal community situation.

He is a disrespectful man. Th8is is indicated by his sexual arousal and ejaculation on the dying victims. He does not respect nor values life that is lived by other individuals. He blinds people that he is a normal individual going about with business. He ends up murdering them and committing other undesirable actions after their death.

Serial killings are preventable. Sound policies and actions would lead to a significant reduction in serial killings. According to research, serial killings could be prevented through the elimination of drug use and abuse in the society. This is one of the leading factors that have contributed to continued serial killings in the society. Anyone suspected to be indulging in drugs should be arrested and taken to correction institutions.











According to research, the killings could be prevented through continued psychological education on individuals suspected to be showing unique behaviors. This would reduce the level of stress and individuals would be in a better position, to express their feelings rather than murdering others. Those traumatized by given events should be made to understand that those are normal occurrences in life. Psychological guidance will ensure that one forgets about the problems he has had in the past. He would not carry the stress forward to planning evil actions such as serial killings as retaliation.

Proper childcare and upbringing by parents would help prevent serial murders in future. Parents should take full responsibility to ensure that children get the parental affection and direction. This would give them a positive view in life. According to research, the young people will not feel as if they are isolated from the rest of the members and will live well and interact freely. The childhood memories and upbringing would form a basis of their future behavior. Parents should properly take care of their children by inculcating proper values into them. These actions would promote understanding hence help to prevent serial killings in the future.

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A serial killer could be identified and corrected before committing the actual murder on other individuals. This will entail behavioral observance among individuals. If one is seen to be behaving in a manner that suggests an ill motive, he should be treated before carrying out murder. In addition, research asserts that one could be identified by a voluntary examination of his brains, to determine whether he is functioning normally. This would allow the physicians and psychologists treat the individual and enforce it by critical advice. The individual could be identified through certain change in interests. If one loses his initial interests and starts engaging in undesirable interests such as murder, he should be examined and treated before committing serial murders.

In conclusions, serial murder refers to the unlawful homicide of other people at different periods and places. The topic has been widely discussed as serial killings have been in existence since time immemorial. Serial murder profiles exist, and they indicate a similarity in the characteristics of all the suspects. For instance, they have had mental problems at some point in life. In addition, they come from drug abusing environments. They indulge in drugs leading to malicious actions without mercy. According to the common profiles, these individuals could have experienced traumatizing events in life that would eventually lead to a desire for retaliation. Serial murders are committed with no specific purpose by are driven by fantasies that exist in the minds of these individuals. Serial murders could be prevented. For example, children ought to be brought up in a careful manner that ensures they feel part of the society. They should not be isolated, as this would lead them to practice. Drug use and abuse should be eradicated to ensure that there is a sober generation and avoidance to serial murders. Individuals intending to commit serial murder could be identified through sudden change in behavior. This will facilitate their treatment hence avoiding such behavior.

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